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2020’s Virtual Gladiator Royalty 

  • December 16, 2020

This year, Gahr ASB hosted a virtual homecoming. Throughout the first week of November, students could cast votes for homecoming nominees. Following this only 28 finalists remained. From November 16th to 18th, students had the chance to vote for their favorite candidates. Leading up to November 20th where a Homecoming ceremony video was posted to each grade’s homeroom google classroom. 


Congratulations to our freshman prince and princess, Gustavo Sanchez and Vivian Tavera; sophomore prince and princess, Kai Noah Jugo and Darlene Medrano; junior prince and princess, Nijad Makoon and Ayen Mariz Pascua, and our senior king and queen, Ishan Bhakta and Paris Marabut. According to Senior Class President Samantha Villa, “To celebrate, ASB sent out a sash and crown, or tiara, to the freshmen, sophomore, and junior winners! Our seniors got that and more! Our senior king got a crown, sash, and a balloon garland and our senior queen got a tiara, sash, a balloon garland, and a floral bouquet!”

Gustavo Sanchez

“I was super shocked and happy it made me feel really happy,” 

Vivian Tavera

“I was so happy! My family was rooting for me so I was very excited to give them the news!” 


Darelene Medrano

“I was surprised and celebrated by doing a little happy dance on my own since my parents weren’t home. I expected another one of the amazing nominees to win honestly, but it made me happy to know I did though.”

Kai Noah Jugo

"I was bouncing off the walls. I was very ecstatic and couldn’t stop smiling when I heard the news. My friend actually told me that I won before I found out myself, so in class, you could see me trying to hide my smile.” 

Kai Noah Jugo

Ayen Mariz Pascua

“I was really excited to win, especially alongside one of my closest friends. Even in light of the pandemic, it was fun to be a part of a new experience to get students involved.​​


Nijad Makoon

“When I found out I won, I couldn’t believe it as this was something very new to me and couldn’t believe I had the chance to win.”​​

Ishan Bhakta

​“I felt shocked. I was still in class and my friends were all texting me saying congrats”

Paris Marabut

“I was so excited about winning hoco queen! I couldn’t be more happier to have won”

In this year’s virtual setting, the feeling of friends cheering in the gym was missed by the winners. According to Villa, "[In] ASB, our main goal is to think of new ideas to keep the entire student body motivated which I think we accomplished ...Although, virtually we were still able to keep everything the same and we cannot wait to plan another virtual event soon.” Although virtual events keep students engaged during this pandemic, moving forward, students continue to hope for some in-person activities. 

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