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ABC Schools Compete in a District Wide Spirit Competition

Annaliese Goncalves

  • March 17, 2021

During the week of February 15, Whitney, Artesia, Gahr, and Cerritos participated in a spirit week competition. The competition was an excellent opportunity for students to show their school spirit and engage in some friendly competition. Earlier in September of this school year, there was a meeting between the ASB from Whitney, Gahr, Cerritos, and Artesia to exchange ideas in regards to creating and hosting fun and safe school events that students could participate in from home.

SPirit week.jpg

Photo Credits: Created on Canva by Amraj Kaur

When discussing these ideas, the ASB Presidents concluded that district-wide high school spirit week competition would be a delightful experience. 


As a result, spirit week was created with the inspiration of the popular television show “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” The events were as followed: Monday: Appa Day (wear your fuzziest clothes), Tuesday: Secret Tunnel Nomads (dress like a hippie), Wednesday: Avatar Undercover (make your profile picture an “Avatar: The Last Airbender character”), Thursday: Sock-ka Day (wear your craziest socks), and Friday: Rep Your Nation (wear your school colors/merchandise). 


Since the event was inspired by the Avatar: The Last AirBender series, which is centered around the earth’s elements, Gahr High School represented water, Artesia High School represented fire, Cerritos High School was earth, and Whitney High School was air. 

Who doesn’t love an exciting, friendly competition? Isabella Reveles, the Gahr High School ASB Commissioner of Spirit, mentioned, “I think this spirit week was beneficial towards students because it allowed for friendly competition not only between the classes but between the other schools in our district.” 


Megan Martinez, the Ambassador of Goodwill from the Cerritos High School ASB, said, “I know that as we approached a year in quarantine, we were all missing our friends and all the events and activities that make school enjoyable. We’re all looking for some fun and competition, and this event was just that.” 


The competition was a success, with many people participating from the different schools. The competition’s school placements were Whitney High School in the first place, followed by Artesia High School, not too far behind in second place. In third place came our very own Gladiator Nation, Gahr High School, and finally Cerritos High School coming in fourth place. Congratulations to all of the ABC high schools! And thank you for participating!

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