ABC Track and Field District Meet: March 5th, 2022

  • April 29, 2022


This year’s Track and Field ABC District Meet was held on Saturday, March 5th, 2022. Athletes from Gahr, Cerritos, Whitney, and Artesia gathered at Cerritos High School’s Hanford Rantz Stadium to compete against each other in a variety of events, including the shot put, discus, long and high jump, pole vault, sprinting, long distance races, and relay races. The division order for each event was Girls Frosh/Soph, Girls Varsity, Boys Frosh/Soph, then Boys Varsity. The top 3 in each division received a medal, while the top 5 scored points for their school.

Field Events (shot put, discus, pole vault, long jump, high jump) began at 9:30am, and at 11:30am, the track was cleared of spectators and warming-up athletes as the runners of the first race lined up on the starting line. The weather was exceptionally cold, cloudy, and windy throughout the meet; the wind, in particular, was an obstacle which runners had to deal with while competing. From 10am to 3pm, 17mph winds increased to 35mph, while the temperature only increased a few degrees from 57° to 59°. Nevertheless, many athletes displayed great effort, determination, and fortitude in their events, with 1st place medals for Gahr High School in the Girls F/S 800m, Girls F/S 100m, Girls F/S 400m Relay, Girls Varsity 4x400m Relay, Boys Varsity 100m, and Boys Varsity 4x100m Relay. Many clips and pictures of these races from the meet can be found on the Gahr Athletics and Gahr XC/Track Instagram accounts.