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Artists of Gahr

  • February 17,2021 

Throughout this past semester, students partaking in Gahr’s art classes have been creating projects at home. From basket weaving to self-portraits, their efforts and teamwork have created some wonderful pieces of art. Second semester has officially begun and students have more exciting projects in store. 

Yuhan Shen
Makenzie Ferrin
Cecilia Hernandez Gonzalez
Yuhan Shen

During this time, the process of creating art has become difficult in many ways. Javanna Phillips, a junior in Mrs. Edson’s ATA class, shares her experience with these changes. “The thing that's most different about art class virtually is that we really have to work with whatever is available and we're limited on supplies at home. I would scurry around and find anything I could use for a project. It can be tough sometimes.” Despite this, working online to create new and exciting artwork has proven to be educational and helped students improve skills they have never gotten the chance to perfect. “Something I have learned that will be very useful to me in the future is shading techniques. I have never been that great at shading, so the lessons in ATA have helped me to better my shading and find different ways to make my art look more realistic, even cartoon characters!” says Javanna.

In the past semester, the students in art class have learned many different styles of bringing their imagination to life through their projects, one of them being ceramics. Now, they are working on even more new and exciting projects as we speak. In Mrs. Edson’s 3D Art class, students are learning about basket weaving, creating colorful spiral patterns and clay shapes to form their very own basket.

Working from home, the students are developing more ideas for future projects to present to their friends and family. In the Art ATA-1 class, students are working on character design, an exciting new project that Mrs. Edson’s class is excited to begin. The art students at Gahr High School are showing their creativity through these wonderful pieces and can’t wait to share them with family and friends. Check out some of their past projects on the GHS Virtual Gallery at

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