• April 29, 2022


With Gahr High boasting numerous clubs both academic and extracurricular, there seems to be a space for every student’s interest and identity.  Though recently, in February, the month celebrating Black History, a lack of inactivity and representation was made evident by the Black Student Union. 


As of now, Black History Month has been run and presented to students by various other organizations besides BSU, most notably ASB. Black History Month events are run by other clubs, which according to Mr.Munson seems to be because throughout the year the Black Student Union has seen “poor student turnout and because there are not enough members there is a lack of ideas.  Being the Black Student Union advisor, it can not be solely up to him to take initiative to garner support but also an effort from dedicated members or elected leaders encouraged to make a change” ,which it seems BSU has not seen since its organization. 


BSU had big plans for not only Black History Month, but also throughout the school year. Most were lost in execution due to scheduling conflicts among the few members willing to make an effort, lack of time for planned or proposed activities , and also lack of initiative from the club itself, which can only be further encouraged by more students taking interest in the club. According to BSU president Imani Lewis , these plans included taking Black Seniors to a college expo this month, which didn’t happen due to lack of funds for the trip.There were also ideas of an 80/90’s dress up theme day which was shared with ASB, but this also was unable to happen due to ASB’s schedule, even though other BHM events solely run by ASB were held properly. This is a great example of the success of  BSU’s  goals having to be upheld by other clubs, and that can just as easily be executed within BSU if there are more continuous efforts moving forward. This will require more dedication from existing members and also better time management and steady communication with other clubs like ASB on collaborating for events. 


Before February, BSU was able to hold meetings once a month, much like other clubs who were still able to accomplish more. Most of these meetings discussed fundraising ideas for the College Expo mentioned above, which turned out to be futile. Still holding out hope, BSU in the last days of February hope to showcase their notoriety as a club that welcomes Black Students celebrates black excellence, provides a safe space to make friends, whilst also being an acknowledgement of the black population at Gahr and what their presence brings to the school. This involved recently hosting a spirit week and open  meeting hosted at the end of February where students were invited to play games to win prizes for fun and to come together as a black community. 

Being such a diverse student body with the numerous  black students that attend Gahr, the club can undoubtedly accomplish so much more. This can only happen with improved acknowledgement from ASB, better advertising and organization from its members, and also the interest of the Gahr population who wish to see a better space made for its black students. Join BSU today by looking out for any upcoming meetings and contacting BSU president Imani Lewis!