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California’s New COVID Restriction Tweaks

  • December 17,2020

On Monday, November 19, Secretary of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Dr. Mark Ghaly announced a slight change to the Coronavirus restrictions throughout California. All Purple Tier counties (the highest rank a county is given for an exceeding amount of Coronavirus cases) will be under the restriction of no gatherings with persons that do not reside in the same household as the residents from 10 PM PST to 5 AM PST.


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These added measures are in response to the second wave of cases that hit cities across America recently. According to the official order, this restriction will be active until Monday, December 21 at 5 AM PST, though it can be modified. These restrictions can be compared to the Stay At Home Order put in place back in March, but this “curfew” will include LA County as well as many others within the Purple Tier. In fact, every county within Southern California is going to be under this restriction due to all being in the Purple Tier.

According to officials, as of November 19, COVID-19 hospitalizations have increased by 63.6%, and ICU hospitalizations have increased by 40.5% across California. Keeping these numbers local, the number of cases across LA county had a dramatic 147% spike during the first half of November.

Ghaly also addressed an important question on everyone’s minds: why is a second wave hitting California? Ghaly stated during the announcement session, “There is no single culprit. It’s a combination of factors, [and] it’s certainly the colder weather. Whether more mixing comes with more opening, not just of places indoors and places where you can [wear a] mask but places that are indoors that don’t have an easy time masking the whole time. [Finally, ] and of course, greater travel; we’ve enjoyed some events over the last many weeks in my home county of Los Angeles. The Dodgers, The Lakers, we had Halloween, we just exited Veterans Day [and] we’re looking forward to other future events and activities as we go into the winter.” (CA Public Health). For night-owls, they can still take a trip to the grocery store or the pharmacy. They can also grab takeout from any restaurant offering and be able to walk their dog during this curfew.

Only gatherings with persons outside of a resident’s household are not permitted. We will keep you updated when more of these “tweaks” are issued.

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