Camping on Campus? School's adaptation to Covid

When the word “camping” comes into mind, there is imagery of the birds chirping in the peaceful forest, the winds roaring through the mountains, and even calmness of the lakes or rivers. Camping is supposed to start the ideas of escaping from reality and living life to the fullest, exactly like a vacation. Work and school are supposed to be put to the side until the event is over. However, it is different for the Calculus students at Gahr. 


For a while now, there has been a tradition for the AP Calculus students, in which they would go camping for a few days up in the mountains and do fun activities such as, ziplining, playing with snow, and eating delicious food all while practicing and honing their Calculus skills in preparation for the AP test through intense reviews and study sessions. However, due to the severe circumstances of COVID for the past few years, most Calculus students who were looking forward to this event, were let down as they either did not get to do the event in 2020, the event was online in 2021, or the event was in school’s MPR this year, in 2022. 


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Although there are students who are bummed out this year about Calculus camp being in school on March 17th and 18th, mentioning that they are “paying just to go to school”, Mr. Alfi, the coordinator and the AP Calculus BC teacher, ensures that this year “it will be fun” with good food provided (most likely) as well as useful for the students in order to succeed on the test. To persuade people to participate, it was also brought up that there has been a trend of students scoring higher on the AP test if they did attend, therefore, the show must go on despite the circumstances. If not known already, the reason why there is such an importance on scoring higher on the AP test is due to the fact that college credit (depending on the college) will be rewarded and students may be able to skip math completely in college with a greater score. 


Although covid restrictions are starting to loosen up, such as MUN students going to Berkeley to debate, he also mentioned to his Calculus BC class that it was essential for it to be in the MPR this year. This is due to the fact that it is a more safe

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environment as spreading the virus could be controlled and it reduces the risk of losing money (if the camp, for some reason, was canceled and the money was already sent, there is a possibility of no refund). 


If this apparent pattern continues, there is a high possibility that “real” Calculus camp will be available for next year. With the chance of Covid settling down next year, Calculus students will have a high chance to go to the mountains and have an extravagant time, and they should not forget to have fun for the previous years as well!