Spirit Cup Competition; Which Class Will Win?

  • March 17, 2021

As the new semester begins, students are being put to the test to see who class has the most spirit. ASB has put together a point system that keeps track of student participation in activities, adding to the Spirit Cup's overall total. The class that rallies up the most points will be the winner. 


Unlike the district-wide spirit contest, where all four ABCUSD high schools participated, the Spirit Cup will only occur amongst Gahr students. Isabella Reveles, ASB Commissioner of Spirit, took part in forming the Spirit Cup’s point system. 


Photo obtained from gahr2022 Instagram


“The Spirit Cup is a competition between grades, put into place last school year. In this competition, the different classes earn spirit points throughout the year, from participating in spirit days, winning games at rallies and competitions that Gahr may hold. These points are recorded, and the class has the most points by the time we have a rally wins. In this virtual setting that we are currently in, points are earned through participation in class cabinet meetings and spirit days.” 


Along with that, ASB advisor Mr. Velez shares how you can earn points for your team.”Typically, classes could get points by winning class competitions at a rally, playing lunch-rally games, or participating in spirit days.

Photo obtained from gahr2024 Instagram

But, in this new environment, participating in spirit days and class cabinet open meetings.”  Participating in school events and taking part in activities will add to your class’s point total, which could allow for your class to win a prize, says Reveles. “Usually, a give-away, which is a little treat (ice cream, popsicles, etc.), would be given only to the winning class, along with the spirit cup trophy.” 


As the year progresses, participate as much as you can in school events to rally up points for your class and get the chance to be awarded the Spirit Cup at the end of the quarter. Want to help your class earn points? Stay on the lookout for upcoming events and show your gladiator pride.