Reading Trends for the Start of 2021 

  • March 17, 2021

During these first couple months of 2021, readers have been taking a blast to the past and reading books that have been around for a while. Many people throughout the world seem to be getting back into the Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling. The Harry Potter series has been said to make people feel “homely” and “comfortable”. One student who shall remain anonymous says he has also been reading the book They Both Die at the End. Although this book was published late 2017, it has been receiving more attention recently, as if it just came out. This student states, “What I take from this book is that we should live life to the safest and fullest moment”. 


Creators on Tik Tok put together outfits inspired by Harry Potter

Left to right: @the.navarose/@soupytime/@ chinamcclain

A genre of books that seems to be getting more popular recently is poetry. Members of the younger generation have been posting on social media about poetry books, specifically singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey’s poetry book Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. This poetry book includes photography that seems to be pretty meaningful to Lana herself. Another poet such as Michaela Angemeer is on the rise. One of her most famous works titled You’ll Come Back to Yourself is being posted over social media apps including TikTok, gaining a lot of attention. 


Another well-known poet that is on the rise is R.H. Sin. One of his books titled We Hope this Reaches you in Time whom he wrote with the help of his wife Samantha King Holmes, is being posted by social media influencers along with other authors. According to online statistics, 90% of readers enjoyed this book. It projects self-love and healing after heartbreak. His other books such as She Felt Like Feeling Nothing and A Beautiful Composition of Broken are rising in ratings and being read by many.