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Undefeated Champs, Team Caps

  • March 1, 2023

For the first time in twenty years, Gahr Girls Soccer Program went undefeated in the league. 


Gahr Girls soccer has three senior team captains who took leadership with the successful season this year.  The workload was evenly dispersed between them. Genesis Mendoza ran practices, Jadin Lazarus led team building, and Natalia Rendon was in charge of social media. These girls earned their position by “doing their time” as Jadin stated. At the beginning of the season, these three were voted in by the girls on the team. 

Their season did not always look so hot. The preseason was looking rough as most of the girls were injured or hurt. Due to the club season just coming to an end, many girls were ineligible to play. “Half of the starting team was injured so pre-season was 

rough,” Genesis shared. More directly Jadin stated, “It was horrible.” The lack of players led to the preseason being tough due to the losses.  

The great chemistry and team relationship allowed for the season to flow smoothly with little to no problems arising. When asked who they believed contributed the most to scoring, all three consecutively agreed that sophomore Amaiyah Purvis  “took [the] role of a goal scorer and got [the] most valuable offensive player award,” Natalia stated. 

“Putting it out in the universe,” Jadin shared how she and the team would tell themselves, “we would be league champions.” They all had full confidence in each other as well as the team. They would later make it to 

the second round of CIF playoffs after taking first in the league with an undefeated record. 
Their final game was a tough loss; Genesis stated, “Losing to a team worse than you sucks.” After losing to penalty kicks the girls were eliminated in the second round. Jadin added that, “the round was knock out so it sucks that one game ends your season.”

Despite the final score, each captain is  immensely proud of the whole team. “We fought and never gave up. It was [a season] to remember,” Genesis finished.

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