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Recently, I saw Instagram story posts and a video made by Demi Lovato attacking a small frozen yogurt shop called “The Bigg Chill”


Demi was really angry about the sugar-free options in the yogurt shop because she felt like they were promoting toxic diet culture. She even called the store owners “diet vultures” in her heated Instagram story. Those sugar-free options are in the shop for diabetic people that could die if they have too much sugar. I am empathetic for Demi Lovato or anyone else who struggles with toxic diet culture. However, as a celebrity, I do not believe that she should have attacked a small business that was probably recovering from the pandemic, just at the thought that sugar-free options would be there for dieting purposes.


After this fiasco, many of Demi’s fans rushed to google to give the shop a one-star rating. This didn’t last long though, because the hot podcast, Frenemies with Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas, mentioned the moment and sent their fans to give the business their five-star rating back on google. The moral of the story is that Demi and many other celebrities need to realize that not everything is about them. Also, try The Bigg Chill diabetic-friendly yogurt shop located in Los Angeles, today!

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