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How Gahr High School Celebrates History and Heritage

  • April 29, 2022


This school year, Gahr High School has been designing activities and hosting events to celebrate the various heritages and histories recognized in the nation and the world. So far, we have successfully celebrated, Native American History Month, Transgender Awareness Month, Yellow Ribbon Week, Black History Month-- and we’re not stopping there! 

Beginning the 2022 school year, the Associated Student Body decided to alter the position of Commissioner of Multicultural Affairs, to Commissioner of Diversity/Inclusivity. The appointed students were sophomore, Veronica De La Torre, and junior, John Paul Talag. This position focuses on representing, celebrating, and educating others about the various cultures on campus. ASB President, Annaís Mendoza tells us “This new position was more broad as it would encompass the celebratory months, days, and more-- instead of just focusing on one Multicultural week. The position was initially open for one, but having two was even better because the more people in the position allowed for more ideas and the outreach of a larger background”. Being that it was a new position, the commissioners tell us they found inspiration from other schools and websites, but mostly their own selves. -- “It came naturally because it was something we were truly passionate about.” “We were able to be so creative and personal with our ideas, without any constraints.” -- They recently received ASBian(s) of the Month which is a patch of recognition for their perceptible work across the month. “We feel super grateful to be recognized and supported.” 

Gahr High School is known for its ethnically diverse campus and is located in "the most ethnically diverse place in America", according to a California State University, Northridge study. With this new position, the school is able to embrace this title proudly and give the students the representation they deserve.

Now, we are in the month of March and the Commissioners have hosted weekly lunch rallies, submitted daily homeroom announcements, and posted graphics on @gahr.asb emphasizing the importance of women in society and all they have done throughout history. Athletics Commissioner, Ella Sikma has also served to embrace the women in our community by creating weekly recognition posts on @gahr.athletics of Gahr’s alumni sportswomen.

The celebration of Women's History Month was yet another successful embracement of history and heritage at Gahr High School, and we’re not stopping any time soon!

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