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Is Modern Culture Ruining Gen Z?

  • February 17,2021 

Today’s modern culture revolves around social media, cancel culture, and politics, and Generation Z has made a name for themselves by taking a stance and partaking in these activities. Through technology and the happenings of social media, they have become more dedicated to voice their opinion and be involved in issues happening in the world. 


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Youth have taken an interest in advocating for rights and speaking up in times of social injustice through the empowering aspects of popular culture. Senior Ethan Madjus of Gahr High School said, “Modern culture has done well for Generation Z. Technology has allowed people to become more connected...even in a time of quarantine." They can now reach thousands of people through the use of technology making it incredibly uncomplicated for them to share their opinions and pursue their passions in their demand for advocacy. Continuing, Ethan said, “To have a political opinion at such a young age makes me hopeful for the future of politics.” Modern culture is empowering them to become more educated and form their own opinions on important matters. Hence, providing them a louder voice and a strong platform to raise against discrimination and other injustices in the world.

Some may question the bad influence of today's popular culture on the growth of our youth, and in some ways, they have proven them right because of online shaming, better known as cancel culture. By discontinuing their support for a well-known person due to something problematic they have done and therefore diminishing them from society Generation Z does not allow these ‘well-known people’ to learn from their mistakes.

In spite of this, Generation Z has become a generation that speaks up in tough situations and defends as well as protects their peers. An upperclassman at Gahr shared their opinion about this generations’ flaws by saying that, “Gen Z can make jokes and take it a little too far, but also know when to step up for their peers and know right from wrong.” Modern culture is not ruining Gen Z; it is pertinent and has aided in shaping youth into the future leaders and self-opinionated and strong minded individuals they are destined to become.

Taking everything into account, our youth are flourishing because of modern culture. Co-chair of the English department at Gahr, Ms. Nicole Bear, said, “The things happening right now that some people look down upon looks more like Generation Z finding their way to creating their generation's lasting impact.” By forming a vast number of student-led organizations, speaking up about politics, and overall staying educated on what goes on in the world Generation Z has done far from little to create their impact. Continuing this Ms. Bear mentioned, “Each generation has their fight to make a difference in the world."

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