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Kym’s Krazy Sports World

Ella Sikma

  • April 14, 2021


Seniors always look back on their previous years at high school and reflect on commitments they have made in the past, such as sports. This is the case for Kymberly Arevalo.

Kym Arevalo is one of Gahr’s seniors from the class of 2021, but Kym is more than just a senior; she is a student-athlete. Arevalo has been a student-athlete at Gahr all four years. She was on the girls' frosh volleyball team and the girls' JV soccer team during her freshman year. As a sophomore, she was co-captain on the JV soccer team. She was on the Varsity football team, girls JV basketball team, and girls beach volleyball. And as a senior, she is on the girls' volleyball team. 

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Thanks to Kymberly playing multiple sports each school year, she was able to learn many valuable lessons that she will take into her future. Kym was first introduced to sports at the age of 4. From there she knew she loved to play sports and was always involved in sports. Even though playing sports has been a big part of her life, she will be attending Hawaii Pacific University to major in marine biology next year. 


Kym says she learned that “all sports are like a family, and no matter how much you fight and disagree you all have to fight for one goal.” Out of Kymberly’s experience of playing four sports, she has learned unique lessons from each of them.

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For football Kymberly says, “It was a different experience than being on a girl’s team.” She learned that “I have to step up and prove it to myself and keep pushing myself,keep pushing myself,and keep pushing myself [more] to finish everything that the guys [on the team] did.”  Kym also said she made great friends and even greater memories.  

Kymberly grew up playing soccer, but her injuries got in the way, and so she had to walk away from the sport. She said, “I took a break from 4th to 7th grade and in 7th grade to 10th grade played, and I am now done with it.” Still, one of her biggest influences remains Alex Morgan (an iconic figure in the American women's soccer) because “she puts so much passion into the game.”

Kym’s injuries included shifted kneecaps, internal swelling in her knees, tendinitis in her IT band, and a strained right quadricep during her junior year.


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Ms. Arevalo started playing volleyball in 4th grade and picked it up again in 7th grade. She played from 7th to 9th grade and was then cut from the team at the end of her freshman year. She didn’t play again until junior year with beach volleyball at Gahr. She is now focusing solely on volleyball, which is currently her favorite sport. Kym also said, “I love volleyball and plan to play volleyball at Hawaii Pacific University, where I plan to go to college.”


When talking about basketball Kym said, “It wasn’t my favorite sport to play, but I was interested in the sport.” She created lots of memories and met some great coaches, but also had to change the way that she carried herself on the court. Kymberly also said, “it was hard because I have an athlete mentality and strive to be my best and strive to be part of a team I have to work with, some things don’t go my way, but I still had to try.” Ms. Arevalo concludes by stating “I also learned I have to adjust to whatever situation is thrown at me at the moment.”

Kymberly Arevalo also believes that her “parents are a huge support for me and through everything. My siblings are my fans and also help support me through it all. They have supported me through injuries and being there for every game and supported me through [my] academics as well.” As well as her parents supporting her with academics, she exclaims that “My teachers too are a big part of my academic support.” 


“Despite going through many hardships and personal issues, sports have given me a distraction to focus on something else; everything is dropped when I am on the field or court. Sports help me not give up and keep pushing through. I’ve learned that not everyone is going to have the same mindset, and not everything is going to have the same 100% as you do, and I have to accept that. I also have to make sure that I continue to keep raising the bar for myself in sports and life because no one else will. I also know to never settle for less, always strive to be the best I can for sports, but in general too.” Kymberly Arevalo says. 


Looking back on high school, about participating in athletics as a whole, she says, “In my past 4 years I have made so many friends, created bonds and friendships with teammates, teachers, and coaches who have always pushed me to see the potential I have. Help me strive to be the best person I can be, and I will be forever grateful for all of what they have done to make my four years at Gahr so memorable.”

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