The Latest Masterpiece by Lana Del Rey Chemtrails Over The Country Club 

Gustavo Sanchez

  • April 14, 2021

It has been ten years since Lana Del Rey released her first record, Born To Die on January 27, 2012. Since the release of Born To Die, Del Rey has made herself well known by the public. Some of her best tracks including Video Games, Born To Die, and Summer Time Sadness, skyrocketed and were the most popular songs on her record, getting her to where she is now.

Del Rey’s actual name is Elizabeth Grant. She began writing and singing at the age of seventeen in Brooklyn. While in Brooklyn, Del Rey went by the name Lizzie Grant. She was singing at local shops and anywhere she had an opportunity to perform. Del Rey released an album titled Lana Del Rey A.K.A Lizzie Grant in 2010, but soon took it offline, as many fans recalled the Lizzie Grant era was a rough time for Del Rey. 


Photo Obtained From Lana Del Rey

Lizzie Grant plays a big role about her personal experience while starting music. In the album Chemtrails Over The Country Club co-written with Jack Antonoff, who had previously worked with Del Rey on Norman F---- Rockwell. The opening track, White Dress is a song that is related to her Lizzie Grant era. The vocals are similar to the Stargirl Interlude from The Weeknd’s record Starboy, with high angelic notes that Del Rey sings, mixed with many meaningful lyrics. Del Rey sings, “When I was a waitress. Wearing a white dress. Look how I do this. Look how I got this.”  And my favorite line “I felt free 'cause I was only nineteen. Such a scene.” This refers to when Del Rey released an EP titled Young Like Me, since she was new to the music industry she felt free, but was unaware it would come with so much pressure. 

Del Rey’s seventh studio album has been anticipated from fans since September. She released the single “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” on January 11, 2021, along with a music video. Finally, Chemtrails Over The Country Club debuted on March 19, 2021.


After listening to the album, I am proud to say this is another brilliant masterpiece. All of the eleven songs included are so beautifully written, sung, and portrayed. Chemtrails Over The Country Club is nothing like Del Rey’s previous 6 albums. Her music and Lana herself have matured greatly and many fans noticed her mature sound through the growth of her music. 


My personal favorites include “White Dress” “Tulsa Jesus Freak” “Dance Till We Die” and “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” These songs give me comfort and are very indie-folk. 


Photo Sent In By Gustavo Sanchez Showing His Collection of Del Rey's Records and Merchandise. 


However, many fans were not impressed with her new album, which made other fans, including me, upset. Del Rey has received a lot of criticism over the last year for her music, leading her to release a statement stating that her fans are never content and happy with her. 

A day after the release of her album, Del Rey announced that she will be releasing a new album titled Rock Candy Sweet on June 1. Many fans were shocked. More music? Del Rey is pulling a “Taylor Swift”, meaning after recently releasing new music there will be another release shortly. 

Samantha Santillan, a student from Cerritos High states, “Chemtrails Over The Country Club is more different and experimental compared to Lana’s other albums. Her songwriting is amazing as always, but throughout this album, you can hear lots of inspiration from folk music and I personally love it. It’s not her most spectacular album, but I do think the songs on it are pretty good, especially “Dark But Just A Game”. Overall, I would rate Chemtrails Over The Country Club an 8/10!” 

I rate Chemtrails Over The Country Club a 10/10. All of her songs speak to me and have great meaning on life, her personal life, and a lot of poetry. I’ve been listening to Del Rey since I was ten and I am excited to hear every piece of music or poetry she releases. Thank you Lana Del Rey for your creative mind and voice.