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Let’s Help School Feel More Like… Well, School.

  • February 17,2021 

So, obviously, right now school’s all about watching a live video of your teacher talking for about 70 something minutes, where you can’t just hit pause and go on Tiktok, UGH! But…. maybe we can make the most out of this situation. I mean, most clubs, school administrations, and ASB are still trying to do their THANG and maintain school spirit as much as possible and most students are still trying to find positivity/motivation to keep their head up, so why not help each other out? 

Participate! Be active in clubs or school spirit weeks! It's the least, but it's something we can do to make school feel like, well, school. 

A few things to do…

  • Follow Club/school accounts on social media and repost the posts! Nothing says you’re a gladiator more than following and prompting gladiator activities. Am I right?

  • Show your friends/followers you’re the baddest by participating in virtual spirit weeks! 

  • Come to club/cabinet meetings and win the games! Show your ex they missed out on an excellent Kahoot player. Or just aim to win the prize, that’s a better reason anyway. 

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