Makeshift Movie Making

  • May 26, 2021

Various aspects of life have been altered because of the pandemic. Careers have been put in jeopardy and finding some normalcy in the daily lifestyle is very difficult not excluding the film students at Gahr High School. In the film industry, physical interaction is essential. When it comes to making films, this quarantine and social distancing rule can be a large problem. For many production teams, it consists of many moving parts and people with different roles that collaborate, bringing the vision together. The film students at Gahr High School have been using their creativity to follow their passions and create good work.


Students in the film class at Gahr find ways to be productive, even though the current situation prevents them from exploring film in its entirety. They still make films each quarter and fill time in between by brushing up technical film skills. This may include refreshing on what makes a good story and how to make that reflect onto a screen. Handing students the tools that allow them to pursue filmmaking from home gave them the ability to create outstanding work. This part requires innovation because their films are made without the accompaniment of an entire crew. Film student Brendan Franklin says, “Film making has become a lot harder now that we are stuck at home. There are a lot more limitations when you aren't in the classroom.” Amid this struggle, he confirms “Film has taught me how to think outside of the box.”

One can confidently say that although the filmmaking process has become more difficult in the middle of the pandemic, it allows for creative inspiration. Sometimes, a limitation or tough situation is all that an artist needs to spark new ideas. Hopefully, this is true for all the filmmakers at Gahr.