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Matthew Kurata What a Hit!! Senior Spotlight

  • May 26, 2021

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'24 Matthew Kurata on the baseball field 

“Matt is 100% a role model for others around him. He leads by doing. Leads by example. He is professional at a young age. Matt also has tremendous respect for culture and the process" said Head Baseball Coach Perez. 


On top of being on the boys' baseball team for all four years, Matt says, “I have been on the honor roll for one year and principal's honor roll for the other three.” Matt’s junior year math teacher Mr. Deguchi says that, “I think Matthew is on the honor roll because he demonstrated all of the qualities of what it means to be a great student. He studied hard, did his homework assignments on time, paid attention in class, collaborated with his peers, asked questions during class, and etc. These are all great qualities to have, but the best qualities were his character.  He is respectful, studious, and responsible. He came to class to learn and you can just tell that he was ready every day---even on the days that he was not fully into. I have nothing but respect for Matthew and I thought he was joy to have in my class. His work ethic was amazing. I know that he played baseball and to have the ability to time manage both a sport and his grades is remarkable.  I know that the intangibles that he brought to school can translate to anywhere because all of those characteristics are vital to being successful with whatever anyone is doing. He tried to be the best version of himself every day which is what I like to see from my students.”

While Kurata is focused on his current last couple of weeks at Gahr, he is also focused on his future. For Matthew’s next four years he will attend California State University, Bakersfield, and will be 

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playing baseball there. At CSUB he will major in business administrationMatthew has built a name for himself on the baseball field. His favorite memory is winning the league his sophomore year, Notably, he was also an SGVLAll-League Honorable Mention. 

Gahr Boys' Baseball Team 

Kurata plays infield and catcher. In baseball, infield positions include first base, second base, third base, and shortstop. He also wears number 24 on his jersey. Matt says he picked that jersey number because “it was my dad’s number when he played baseball in high school.” 

Matt’s mom says, “Matthew is a caring, friendly person who is very loyal. He doesn't take himself too seriously and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  He has always loved sports and has played baseball since he was 4 years old. He also enjoyed playing soccer and basketball when he was younger. He is a very dedicated hardworking student athlete and enjoys being a part of a team. Even though he spends a lot of time on the field he does have a creative side and can even play the ukulele.”


Matthew states that he wants all athletes to “just have fun and play the game. Remember sports are games and they are supposed to be fun so be happy, smile, and have fun.”

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From his high school years, especially his time spent in Baseball, Matthew has learned time management, collaboration, teamwork, responsibility, and how to be the best version of himself on and off the field. 


With all that he has learned, he wants to thank his parents, coaches, and his teammates for the support along his athletic and academic journey.

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