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Celebrating Mental May 

  • May 26,2021 

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The month of May has begun and for many students, that means it is officially AP season, and the final countdown to take Advanced Placement exams has started. Students are not just studying for these classes, but they are also juggling their extracurriculars, other classes, at-home lives, and much more. This can be a lot for some students seeing that their AP tests decide a majority of their final grades. May is the most crucial month of the academic calendar for these students but it is also the month of Mental Health Awareness. 

Although these AP tests are immensely important, taking care of the body's mental state is a priority. It is important that students keep their mental health in check during this time and not let school and the workload of it take a toll on them. Gahr senior, Ginna Rocha commented by saying that “The best advice I can give is to pace yourself. It can get extremely overwhelming...plan out what you want to study and when. Don’t cram it all the night before”

These are some tips and resources that can be of assistance to them:


  • Take breaks

  • Pick a quiet place to study 

  • Sleep

  • Plan things out 

  • Set goals


In addition to these simple tips is the Student Resource Center at Gahr which is a great resource to students, not only does it offer them materials to better their mental health but they work with students for matters concerning their mental health by providing them with Wellness Checks, Brain Breaks, Social-Emotional topics of discussion, Wellness Workshops, etc. 


Especially at this time, students should embrace these resources and use them to benefit themselves. This school year has thrown many hurdles at students and even their teachers, but that is no excuse to give up, it is important that they do their best to achieve their goals. Agreeing with this, junior Micheal Atkins added that “ The mental health of students matter and it is important that we do not burn ourselves out”. Checking up on how students are doing mentally is the first step in preparation for these exams and should be taken more seriously. With that in mind, students find it easier to study and complete the exams.  

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