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MUN’s Latest Virtual Conference

  • December 17,2020

Gahr’s Model United Nations program allows students to research, discuss, and problem solve world issues. Students learn about other countries before they partake in events known as conferences. In these conferences, students act as representatives from different countries and discuss possible and realistic solutions to the issue at hand. This year, some of the topics Gahr students participated in included preventing pandemics, women's rights, challenging climate change, eliminating child trafficking, regulating drug policies, creating a responsible use of social media and many more! Generally, these conferences would be in-person, but this year Gahr’s MUN took part in virtual conferences. Most recently, they had their Tustin Virtual Conference via Zoom on Saturday, November 21.

Photo Obtained from Tustin HS MUN
Photo Obtained from Tustin HS MUN

From a teacher’s point of view, Mr. Henry, the first period MUN teacher, stated, “With Tustin being very early on the MUN conference calendar they had a lot of pressure on them. While entering each conference committee you could see how the Tustin delegates were well prepared.” When joining in and out of the different committee meetings, it was professional and organized for the most part. “I think the conference went really well, but I definitely think I would’ve done a little better if it were in person,” expressed Sarah Jenkins, a Sophomore in the Novice Committee of Preventing Illegal Immigration gave her input. The students succeeded and did very well in the conference, giving their speeches and resolutions to the current problems of our world. 

Whether it be on Zoom or Google Meet, technical difficulties are inevitable and may make it hard to fully engage in the conference. One mishap was that the Tustin Zoom links were open to the public, which led to zoom bombings, where random people would jump in and out of zoom calls and impersonate advisors and teachers. 

Congratulations to the Gahr MUN for tackling yet another virtual conference, pushing through technical difficulties, and representing Gahr well. 

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