Students and Teachers Make Preparations for AP Exams

Amira Muthalip

  • March 17, 2021

Despite the alterations that this school year has brought, Advanced Placement Exams are still scheduled to take place. The purpose of these exams is to measure students' mastering of the content and skills in their chosen AP course. Qualifying AP scores provide students with the benefits of being granted college credit and advanced placement. 

Photo obtained from college board 

Test dates and digital exams have been planned to assist the students taking the exams this spring. The exam schedule consists of three administration dates for each subject throughout May and mid-June. The extended testing period allows the College Board to accommodate the students' differing programs, internet connections, school rules, etc. 


Administration 1: May 3rd-17th, 2021

The exam will be full-lengthed and take place on paper in schools.


Administration 2: May 18th-28th 2021

Half of the students will take the full-length exam at school on paper, and half will take it digitally at school or home. 


Administration 3: June 1st-11th, 2021

Most subjects will be digital and administered to be taken in school or at home. 


Each school will decide which exams can be offered at the school site, and during March, AP coordinators will begin assigning students to Administrations 2 or 3. 


A few tips when studying for the AP Exams 

  • Beginning preparations 1-3 months before the exams is ideal as it provides enough time to take practice tests, get familiar with the AP-type questions, and review all content. 

  • If studying for more than one subject, regularly devoting chunks of time (1-2 hours)  for each one will keep the workload at a manageable level.

  • Create a schedule that gradually increases every week. The amount of days and hours spent reviewing the content can change from twice a week to thrice a week. By enacting this gradual routine, you can diminish any overwhelmedness.

  • Invest in the AP review guides.

  • Utilize resources provided by Collegeboard.

    • Topic Questions, check for understanding as well as provide instant feedback.

    • Personal Progress Checks are assessments unlocked by teachers that assess what is learned from each unit. 


As the exam approaches, revisiting College Board and other AP resource websites to gather last-minute details or updates to the schedule is highly encouraged for students' benefit. In the end, it is essential to remember that breaking down these preparations into appropriate steps will make it easier to achieve significantly and sufficiently in the exams. 

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