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Newsom’s Reaction to Vaccinate All 58 and the Novel Coronavirus Strain

  • January 21, 2021

On Monday, January 4, California Governor Gavin Newson went live with a COVID-19 update explaining and reassuring the public about the vaccine distribution throughout California and the new coronavirus mutation, called a strain, that appeared 2 days after a citizen of Colorado was the first to catch the strain in the US.

The strain, known formally as B117, is one of two new versions of the coronavirus. B117 is more contagious than SARS-CoV-2, which is the name of the virus that causes COVID-19. B117, according to 

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 12.35.17

Photo obtained from latimes

the CDC, can be treated via the COVID-19 vaccine and the strain does not cause a more severe case of COVID. Newsom explained that currently there are 4 cases of the strain in San Diego and 2 in San Bernardino. One individual with the mutated virus in San Diego is hospitalized.


Newsom also addressed the vaccine distribution plan dubbed “Vaccinate All 58,” (The number “58” cites the total number of counties across California). He explained the current vaccine distribution plan answering a majority of Califronians’ questions like, “When will I get the vaccine?” and “Where will I get the vaccine?”

A number of pharmacies will distribute the vaccine, like the National Guard and California’s clinic partnerships, such as CVS and Walgreens. The vaccine will be distrubed in phases. The current phase (Phase 1) is split into three sub-phases, Phase 1A, 1B, and 1C. But, Phase 1B is split once again into two tiers as well. 

California is currently in Phase 1B. However, up until last week, California was in phase 1A, which focused on healthcare workers. Newsom explained and elaborated on the current phase, “Phase 1B is the phase discussed last week by our guidelines working group. It has multiple tiers….[Here is] the top tier [for Phase 1B]: 75 and older, workers in education….Tier 2 in 1B, that moves from 65 to 65 and over….and you can see the other sectors in terms of individuals and industries, logistics, industrial, residential, [and] commercial services that will be prioritized….” (California Governor Gavin Newsom). Phase 1C will target individuals from age 50-64 and Califronians from age 16-64 with an underlined health condition. 

For any Californian interested in knowing more about the Golden State’s vaccine distribution and the California government’s response to B117, visit California's official COVID-19 resource center. And, as Dr. Anothey Fauci, head of the CDC, simply put it, “Wear a mask.”

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