Work to Rule’s Impact on Students

  • April 29, 2022

Work to Rule Affect on Students_Teachers - Parthiv Chhapawala.png

Recently, the teachers at Gahr High School have taken part in a protest against the district for higher wages. This came as a response to teachers claiming that they are not being paid a fair amount to commensurate the cost of living and for the amount of work that they do. Because of this, the union has advised the school’s teachers to not do any work outside of their normal hours in an attempt to rebel against the district to get a higher salary. However, what kind of impact is this having on the students?


While this is mainly focused on the teachers, this protest has been an inconvenience for students because of the conditions of the whole situation. To explain, teachers have been told to not respond to students' emails or offer them help outside of school hours. Consequently, this might have an impact on the academic performance of the students. As a result, students cannot get the extra help they might need on a certain topic along with not being able to get answers to specific questions they have.


To get an idea of the impact it has on students, interviews were held to see their opinion on the matter. One said [Insert quote from interviewee]. Another claimed that [Another quote]. This illustrates how it affects students differently, but has an impact on them nonetheless.


However, the silver lining in this situation is that there are ongoing talks and discussions with the district board and the teachers about a new contract or salary increase which may lead to their demands being fulfilled. The teachers will continue to fight for their fair pay and hope a good outcome will arise out of the situation.