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Protests, Progress, and Promise

  • February 17,2021 

Following the results of the 2020 Election, Trump supporters and republicans felt negatively about the outcome. From claiming that not every vote was counted, to saying that voting fraud has occured, Trump supporters are very upset. So much so that some have begun to protest, riot, and march for their “stolen election.” According to The Washington Post, there were rioters in Portland, Salem, Phoenix, Detroit, and Los Angeles carrying Trump 2020 flags, “Legal Votes Matter”, and “Stop the Steal!” signs. In addition, The Proud Boys, a far-right all male neo-facist organization that promotes political violence, showed up amongst the rest of the rioters in Oregon with assault rifles in hopes of getting a recount and having their voices heard; given their consensus on uncounted ballots in the 2016 elections, it would seem that they’ve become their own opposition. 


Photo Obtained from NYT

On a lighter note, the rest of the US has calmed down after the suspense of awaiting results. Instead of protesting, they celebrated joyfully with strangers and loved ones alike. For instance, footage on the interwebs is showing people running gallantly through the streets shouting with glee in NYC, Chicago, and even in people’s apartment complexes alongside their neighbors. In NYC they held a march with people rejoicing and playing music with both speakers and instruments. Which goes to show that you can feel a certain way towards things without putting others in danger. 

In my opinion, America chose the superior of the two candidates but that doesn’t mean that Biden is going to fix all of our problems. Yes, the protests and riots to have the votes recounted or to just have another election were entirely pointless. Not only did they not accomplish what they were trying to achieve, they’ve also put a great many people at risk with their antics. Biden winning does not necessarily mean that things are going to be perfectly fine all the time from this point on because we still need to have our voices heard and to keep speaking on issues such as reversing the effects of climate change, racial injustice, and Covid-19 which we’ve been trying to get others to listen about for so long. The election isn’t, and won’t be, the end of all the problems we’ve faced, it’s the beginning of a new era which requires us to be active, aware, and involved in helping each other and our communities.

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