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School Fundraising During a Pandemic 

  • March 17, 2021 

As online schooling continues at Gahr, so does the functioning of clubs and other school activities. However, they are also operating online and before the pandemic, these clubs relied heavily upon in-person fundraising events. How does it work now? Representatives from the Class Cabinet of 2022 and 2023 shared details of how their clubs are being financially maintained. 

Most clubs on Gahr’s campus mainly depend on franchise fundraising. An officer of a club or class cabinet contacts a franchise and sets a date and time to hold a fundraiser where they would receive a percentage of the franchise’s profit. It is an easy process because it does not take much work for the club officers to put into place and is mostly just based on the communication between the franchise and officers.  


Photo obtained from @gahr2022

However, this form of fundraising does have some drawbacks. President of Class of ‘23 Salome Agbaroji said, “Planning fundraisers during the pandemic is pretty simple. The only thing that is more challenging is because of the economic toll of the lockdown, fewer restaurants are offering fundraising deals with schools.” Therefore, students must plan around this drawback to continue their clubs and class activities.

Partnering with franchisees to hold fundraisers is currently the best possible option for these clubs, but is it enough? “it is completely understandable as to why most of our fundraisers don't result in much money... families are taking the proper precautions to stay at home and be safe, and most franchises that we fundraise at don't provide an online fundraising option. So, the turnout, because of the pandemic, is a big con to fundraising these days, ” states Ruth Rapuri, Director of Fundraising for Class of ‘22. The average amount of individuals who normally participate in fundraisers has declined because of the pandemic, which makes it harder for clubs to raise funds. Online fundraising could help with this by allowing those families who prefer to stay at home the option of staying at home, while still participating in the clubs’ fundraiser. 

Nonetheless, student officers are making the best of this situation. They are promoting the fundraisers to club members and encouraging people to participate to not only maintain themselves as a club but also raise enough to finance the events that clubs would usually hold. This money could fund volunteer opportunities, rallies, graduation, prom, and a list of other events that the student body, and maybe even the teachers, look forward to attending after the pandemic is over.  “This is why we greatly encourage people to participate now, so they can have some great things to look forward to,” Salome added. Although the pandemic has made it harder for these events to take place these club officers continue to raise funds in the hope of some sort of celebration whether it be virtual or otherwise.

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