Senior Spotlight: Elijah Claxton’s a Sharp Shooter! 

  • May 26, 2021

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Gahr Boys' Basketball Team

For most people, especially high school students, many can not pick one thing, stick to it and follow through. Class of 2021, Elijah Claxton, is different. “I was first introduced to basketball as a kid. My dad played [basketball] at Gahr as well and I wanted to be just like him so I played basketball.” Thinking back to when he was only 3 years old, he never imagined that he would be the captain of Gahr’s basketball team, nationally ranked as one of the state’s top 300 players. 


Claxton’s talent on the court is outstanding. Elijah is the school’s captain (point guard) but can play any position on the court.  He consistently gives 120% of his effort every time in the gym. A point guard is a leader on the court so it makes sense that he is the leader of the team as well. Elijah’s jersey number is 0 claiming he picked it because “I picked 0 because it symbolizes zero problems.” Elijah has been on varsity since his sophomore year at Gahr. Claxton’s regular routine consists of “school work, then practice, then more school.” 

Elijah reminisces his favorite memory on the court to be  “senior night against Paramount because that was the last time I was with my team and we worked really hard to win that game, and I made a bet and hit 3 threes.”  That game, Claxton’s scoring percentage was easily in the double digits. That comes as no shock because Elijah’s work ethic is, “dedication is my key, and hard work during practice going 120%.”


 Back when he first started his experience at Gahr he wished he knew, “how fast these four years really do go by.” During his four years at Gahr, he worked extremely hard in the classroom and on the court. When questioned about the drive and motivation he simply stated that, “well, I get it from my role model, my dad. My dad’s work ethic in my opinion is great, and he works very hard.” 

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His experiences at Gahr has given him the knowledge of what the next step will be. Elijah’s next step will be going to Cerritos College where he will major in Aeronautical Engineering and continue to play basketball. 


Claxton wants to emphasize to all future students and especially all student-athletes at Gahr that “you need to work hard for whatever you want, and don’t let anyone get in your way.” He adds that, “I want to thank all of my coaches, and the teammates I had from freshman year up to now for making my experience at Gahr so memorable. You all have not only made these four years extremely memorable, but helped me understand the meaning of hard work and focus. Lastly, I want to say thank you to my family. Thank you for coming to my home and away games. Thank you for taking me to practices both early morning ones and picking me up from those practices that would run late. To all Gahr students, you need to work hard for whatever you want, and don’t let anyone get in your way.”