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The Beauty Behind Student Owned Business

  • February 17,2021 


Photo Credit: Obiaks Blog

Sole proprietorships also referred to as small businesses are organizations operated and owned by a single individual. Making up the majority of about 23 million businesses, they are most important in contributing to the U.S. economy. Small business owners work very hard to invest in their own items whether they be manufactured and purchased or handmade. It is important to support these businesses because they bring originality and by contributing to the profit, one is also funding the futures of small business owners. 


Knowing that these business owners are real people with real aspirations and goals can be an inspiration. Founder of “Kreationsbykriss”, Gahr senior, Kristen Williams shared her experience on how she started her business where she hand makes bonnets, pillowcases as well as customizes shoes, etc. “Over quarantine I just got bored and then started painting shoes. I just fell in love and started customizing ...I have always told myself that I will make more money by doing what I love” 

(Custom Nike) sold by KreationByKriss

This sets an example and shows others the ways that they can strive for success. Her willingness to do what she is passionate about shows that she genuinely cares about the work she puts out.


(Butterfly Embroidery Hoop) sold by Gina’s Gallery 

With that being said, the possibility of running a business can seem wonderful, but following through with those dreams can be difficult. Another Gahr senior, Gina Fell, the owner of “Gina’s Gallery” where she uses hand-stitched embroidery on clothes as well as canvases and embroidery hoops mentioned that, “Since everything I do is handmade, it can be difficult at times because it takes a while to make what I want” Business owners all face some sort of struggle whether it be dealing with publicity, funding and many other complications. 

 However, it is important not to let that deter one from what they want to do. Lastly, she mentioned that her plan is to purchase an embroidery machine so that she takes less time and is able to expand her business. Gina’s determination exemplifies her want to support herself and her family by profiting off of something she loves to do.


Small businesses are the heart and soul of another person’s dreams. Emily Baas,  Gahr senior and founder of “Emily’s Floral Jewelry” runs her business by preserving flowers and incorporating them into pieces of jewelry vintage and otherwise. She stressed that “It’s much better to support small businesses like mine because we put so much effort into each order... appreciate each follower and each customer” Her business clearly showcases how much effort and care she puts into her products. By supporting businesses like hers and bringing smiles to owners’ faces encourages them to continue creating.

(Heart Valentine Earrings) sold by Emily’s Floral Jewelry 

Those Gahr High School seniors are just three of many that own sole proprietorships. Supporting small businesses can help create a connection with the person who is dedicating their time and effort to make products for their customers. Kristen, Gina, and Emily all represent business owners that are just proud to be doing what they love. 

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