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The Vital Vaccine

  • February 17,2021 

The coronavirus, the disease that has impacted over 93 million individuals globally is coming to an end as stated by the CDC and Johns Hopkins University & Medicine. With the development of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and Moderna Vaccine, the U.S. government has commenced its distribution of the vaccine beginning with healthcare workers and continuing with prioritized groups, such as those with underlying health conditions. Due to the lack of available vaccines, many wonder when their families and friends will be able to receive them. Along with this a plethora of questions has been 


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surfacing about the current vaccination and when things will be able to go back to normal. Here’s what you should know.

By having health care workers receive the vaccinations first it is clear that they are being administered efficiently. An anonymous student stated that “I do think that the current order of distribution is fair because health-care workers need it the most, especially being exposed to Covid-19 every single day. My uncle is a healthcare professional and he often talks about the many people that are sick with Covid-19 and how he does his best to take care of patients while also trying to stay safe and healthy himself” Frontline workers deserve to get the vaccine first because risks for them are higher. All in all, this will assist in combating the virus that millions are fighting against. 

Among the many questions about the virus, an important one is whether the vaccine will slow down the spread. Statistics show that so far the vaccine has not slowed the spread simply because not many people have received it as yet. There are still many that have contracted the virus and do not know. Continuing, the anonymous student went on to say, “I don't think that the vaccine is slowing the spread of the virus, other people may still be in contact with a person who is Covid-19 positive but is unaware.” During this time, it is tremendously important to abide by health care guidelines but that will only lower your exposure to the virus and not fully prevent it. Knowing this, it is hard to say when the spread will stop but important to keep in mind the health and well-being of others.

The vaccine is vital in stopping the spread; it is the only obvious remedy to overall end this pandemic. History teacher Mr. Drago agreed. “We have the solution to stop the spread of the virus, but we all must work together for it to succeed. Until there is widespread vaccination of the US population, wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands slow the spread of the virus and, equally important, prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases.”

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