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What Black Lives Matter Means to Me

  • February 27,2021 

Sahara Tassin


Photo obtained from the Atlantic

We asked President of Black Student Union Sahara Tassin to share what the Black Lives Matter movement means to her. Here is what she had to say. 

It is sad to say that we still live in a society where African Americans have to continue to fight for change and for our voices to be heard. We live in a society where our voices are not enough to save our lives. “I CAN’T BREATHE,” were the last words of George Floyd, a father, a friend, an uncle, a son. Eight minutes and forty-six seconds, a period of time that becomes a cry in a revolution. Black Lives Matter is not just a social movement that the media keeps pertaining to it as, it’s not just a hashtag, it's a cry. It’s the anger of all the Black Mothers that have lost their sons and daughters to police brutality. It's the scream of frustration that no one will hear us. It's the fear of always having to look over your shoulder, it's the pain of mourning someone you loved dearly that should’ve been here. All of the emotions and experiences of Black People can’t be smashed into a hashtag. Say Her Name!!!!….BREONNA TAYLOR. 

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