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What Is Gahr’s Theater Class Up To?

  • February 17,2021 

Gahr High School’s Theater Program allows students to express their creativity in fun ways to their peers. The theater director and teacher, Ms. Morris, instructs her students in class to work with others in ways that improve leadership and collaborative skills. Her students work together to create skits that will be presented to the class for a grade, but with Ms. Morris’s zero judgment policy, performing for people starts to feel more like a safe space to express yourself, rather than just a regular class in school. 


Photo Sent in of Ms. Morris’ theater class 

How has Covid-19 and the use of online school affected the Theater Program? Well, it is evident that without in-person learning, you can not perform skits together as a group for the class, but Ms. Morris has still developed a way for students to express their creativity to her. They now can submit videos of themselves acting to Ms. Morris directly. This gives students more time to plan out their skits, as well as better access to sets, for they can use items and backgrounds in their house to improve their skit. 


Photo Sent in of Ms. Morris’ theater class 

Ms. Morris explains that Theatre I is currently working on sitcoms, while advanced theatre is working on a vs. battle. Manny Gutierrez, grade 12, is  currently enrolled in theater and has also experienced this class in person. It seems that is not all sunshine and rainbows. He states, “One of the best parts about school was being able to interact with new people and socialize. Online school pretty much ripped that away.” Although virtual class is difficult, he as well as other students enrolled are looking forward to when the theatre program will be able to put on their next in person production.

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