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“SPRING BREAK ALERT: Best Theme Park to Visit Voted by Gladiators”

  • March 21, 2023


A week off school equals a week of free time! What’s a better way of enjoying time than going to a theme park? Going to a theme park can be for the food, rides, spending time with friends and family, and so much more. With more than 30 amusement parks in Southern California, choosing which one is worth buying a ticket for may be difficult. This article summarizes 20 Gahr High School students' opinions on which theme parks to visit based on activities, pricing, and memories these places can hold. 20 students were given the opportunity to choose any of the 33 theme parks around Southern California. 


Results show that more than half of the students recommend visiting Disneyland for multiple reasons. Since its opening in 1955, Sleeping Beauty’s castle has been the center of Disneyland Resort. Not only is it beautifully designed, it contains years of Disney history as it is the very first Disneyland in the world to open. The layout and architecture of the park also offers multiple attractions for all ages. You can feel the thrill of roller coasters on the Incredicoaster or feel like a kid again in the Haunted Mansion ride. Meet-and-greets with nostalgic childhood characters like Mickey and Minnie are also a highlight of Gladiator’s trips to Disneyland. The trending turtle on social media named Crush is also available to be spoken to in the Turtle Talk with Crush Attraction. The park is constantly updated to the newest Disney works such as Avengers Campus, inside Disneyland California Adventure. If you’re a Marvel fan, Gladiators recommend coming to see your favorite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

After waiting in line for rides, you might be hungry. Disneyland offers numerous entree food options, including their popular dishes Bacon Mac & Cheese Cone, Soup in Bread Bowl, and QuesoBirria tacos. Of course, no meal is complete without dessert, so gladiators recommend trying the classic Dole Whip, Churros, Matterhorn Macaroon, and Mickey-Shaped beignets. 
   You can spend an entire day at Disneyland, as the park offers plenty of activities, rides, food, and much more to enjoy. All students who recommended Disneyland said that no matter how old you are, it is always worth your money and time because of the special memories you make there. Disneyland is magical, and spending a day of your Spring break here will guarantee you magical memories with your family and friends. 

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