John Paul Talag, Sports Staff Writer


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Ella Sikma, Sports Staff Writer 

May 26, 2021

This year's March Madness tournament was like no other. For one, March Madness took place in a global pandemic this year. There were also many upsets in “perfect” brackets. For example, in the Ohio State vs. Oral Roberts game, a 15th seed beat a number two seed, making Oral Roberts the second team in history to do so.

Ella Sikma,  Sports Staff Writer

May 26, 2021

Coach Perez said “Matt is 100% a role model for others around him. He leads by doing. Leads by example. He is professional at a young age. Matt also has tremendous respect for culture and the process.” Coach Perez is a health teacher at Gahr and also the head coach for boys baseball. Matthew has been at Gahr from his freshman to senior year of high school. 

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Siva Pidikiti, Sports Staff Writer 

May 26. 2021

It has been a whole year since we were told that we were on lockdown. Since March 16th, Gahr athletes haven’t played a single game in 2020. But now that CIF has approved conditioning and a proper schedule for our Gahr teams, athletes are eagerly looking forward to their seasons...

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At the third official American Track League meet, Hobbs Kessler, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, represented Skyline High School in the mile run...

Joseph Mok, Sports Editor

March 17 ,2021

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On Monday, January 25th, 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom ended the regional stay-at-home order after seeing a consistent drop...

Joseph Mok, Sports Editor

February 17 ,2021

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It is that time of the year again. Football fans are getting ready for the most exhilarating time of the season. College Football Playoffs and Super Bowl...

Siva Pidikiti, Sports Staff Writer

January 27 ,2021

Siva Pidikiti, Sports Staff Writer

After 32 years, the Dodgers won the World Series again on October 27th, 2020 in a back and forth series against the Tampa Bay Rays. This series ended in a Game 6 win for the Dodgers...

Joseph MokSports Editor

Hall of Fame Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, who in his lifetime, spent over 70 years with the organization and “became one of the most memorable personalities in baseball history...

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On January 13, 2021, All-Star shooting guard James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, getting himself paired with other All Stars, Kevin...

John Paul Talag, Sports Writer

February 17,2021

2020 was an unusual year. It took away legends before their time and also brought some unprecedented changes to the sports world...

Ella Sikma, Sports Staff Writer

January 27 ,2021

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Due to COVID-19, many major sports leagues postponed the remainder of their season for almost three months. The NBA is one of those leagues...

Siva Pidikiti, Sports Staff Writer

January 6 ,2021