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The Gahr Forum is a platform for students to voice their thoughts, foster creativity, and develop critical thinking skills. The Forum was founded with the purpose of sharing important news events to engage students during virtual learning. Committed to objective journalism, the Gahr Forum strives to share important and empowering current events with students. 

2022-23 Student Staff


Amira Muthalip 

Amira Muthalip is a senior and the Editor in Chief. She is Srilankan, and outside of the Gahr Forum, she is involved in her Class Cabinet as the Secretary, and CSF as the President. She enjoys watching documentaries and spending time with her family and friends. She is excited to be the Editor in Chief this year and hopes to make it a creative platform for students at Gahr.


Darin Dial

Darin Dial is a sophomore and one of the Editors in Chief. She very much enjoys exercising her creativity through dancing, bullet journaling, and painting. She identifies as African-American and is very adamant about equal rights for women, especially women of color. In the future, she plans to pursue creative writing or African-American studies at the 4-year university, NYU. Fun fact: she has a part-time job as a freelance graphic designer!


Valentino Alba

Valentino Alba is a junior, and the News Section Editor for the Gahr Forum. Valentino plays tennis as well as draws in his free time. He loves books, particularly ones about history and philosophy. The book that stayed in his heart the longest is Les Miserables. The movie that made him cry the hardest was Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. One day, Valentino hopes to own a real JC Leyendecker piece whilst living in a city that does not get excessively hot.  


Ella Sikma

Ella Sikma is a senior and the Sports Section Editor. She is the school’s Assistant to the Athletic Director and also the Student Athletic Director for Gahr. You can find her axelling in both the classroom and on the court! Ella is a student athlete for our school’s basketball team. She is also one of the directors of activities for Class of 2023, scholar athlete, a Principal’s Honor student, a Link Crew leader, and a member in many clubs around campus. She also co-runs @gahr.athletics on Instagram! She loves helping others and having fun with friends and family. 


Alex Recendez

Alex Recendez is a senior and the Entertainment Section Editor for the Gahr Forum. They love reading, theater, and listening to music! Some of their favorite artists are Men I Trust, Mitski, and Ricky Montgomery. They love spending time with their friends and has a secret love of astronomy.


Adilene Sanchez

Adilene Sanchez is a senior and is a Sports Writer. She also has been involved in the softball program for the past four years. Adilene spends her free time either reading, listening to music, or napping. Her favorite subjects are Literature and Science. Her favorite soft drink is Canada Dry and mint chocolate chip is her favorite ice cream flavor. After high school, Adilene will pursue education to become a neurologist.


John Ruther Delos Santos

John Ruther Delos Santos is a senior and a Sports Writer for the Gahr Forum. He is currently on the Gahr Swim team for the second year in a row but is mainly interested in watching boxing. John loves to make videos for YouTube and play video games. His experience in these two hobbies fuels his creative side, which he plans to utilize when writing articles and producing vlogs for the Gahr Forum.


Jodi Santos

Jodi Santos is a freshman and an Entertainment Writer for Gahr Forum. In addition, she is Gahr’s Korean Club Secretary and is a part of the Girls’ Varsity Golf Team. Jodi enjoys spending her free time watching movies, listening to music, and drinking boba. A fun fact about her is that her favorite season is winter because she loves the holiday season; especially being able to sleep in during break and spend time with family!


Audrey Choe

Audrey Choe is a Sophomore, and is an Opinion Writer for the Gahr Forum. She is also involved in ASB, CSF, and Volleyball. Audrey enjoys writing, listening to music, and baking. Her favorite subjects are English, History, and Art. Audrey plans on majoring in political science, and going to law school after college.


 Latha Jompholpharkdy

Latha Jompholpharkdy is a Senior, and a Layout Designer. An interesting fact about her is that she is a fashionista. She walks the hallway like it's a runway. I assure you, you may have seen her with her long hair, and great fashion sense. Another fun fact about Latha is that she plans to pursue Architecture as her career, she manifests to become an Environmentalist Architect. As you can see, it is obvious that she is an Earth sign. Something about nature soothes her energy, she feels at ease, and that’s what she has planned in her daily routine, while she does her skincare, paints her nails, and watches The Devil Wears Prada. 


John Abraham Sumang 

John Abraham Sumang is a Junior and a Layout Designer for the Gahr Forum. He is one big animal lover and a music enthusiast. He likes to take pictures of random things, watch movies, TV shows, and sports especially basketball. He also likes to play video games and ride his bike at night. 


Joseph Mok

oseph Mok is a junior at Gahr High School and a Copy Editor for the Gahr Forum. He runs for the Gahr cross country and track teams, and enjoys the silent sports; particularly rock climbing, hiking, and running. In his free time he likes to jam on the guitar and take extra long naps. If he were a potato, he would want to be prepared as cajun-seasoned curly fries. Extra crispy.


Chinyerem Ebunilo

Chinyerem Ebunilo is a sophomore and a copy editor for the Gahr Forum. She is involved in Gahr Associate Student Body (ASB) and class cabinet, serving as the Sophomore Vice President. She is also currently in her second year of Gahr Girls Basketball. In her spare time, Chinyerem likes to read, play video games, research current events and social problems, and expand her coding skills.


Joshua McFarland


Ariana Rubalcaba

Ariana Rubalcaba is a junior at Gahr High School and the Graphic Designer. She is an artist inside and out of the Gahr Forum. She indulges in school clubs such as the Spanish Club with her role as Secretary and the Math and Science club. She enjoys creating new pieces of artwork and spending time with family and friends.

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