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2020-2021 Staff

Manahil Ahmed 

Manahil Ahmed is a junior. She can read books for hours, is obsessed with bullet journaling, and enjoys rewatching some of her favorite Netflix shows. Manahil also enjoys listening to the Freakonomics radio and researching for her MUN class.

Lasette Cruz

Lasette Cruz is a senior. She would definitely say that her go-to foods would be Starbucks and Chick-fil-a. Hobbies that are
included in her everyday life are reading, writing, and being a Disney nerd. She has tried
Chipotle and papaya but dislikes these foods. She is very sociable and a great person to be

Kira Curry

Kira Curry is a junior and enjoys participating in the Gahr Varsity Cheer Team. During her free time, she enjoys watching television, baking, and hanging out with her friends. She also loves to eat Chipotle, M&M’s, and cookie dough.

Annaliese Goncalves

Annaliese Goncalves is a sophomore. She is
currently in the Gahr Marching Gladiators band as well as Gahr Model United Nations. Annaliese is very passionate about writing and enjoys reading, binge watching, singing, and spending time with friends and family.

Amira Muthalip

Amira Muthalip is a sophomore. She is
Srilankan and outside of the Gahr Forum, she is involved in her Class Cabinet as the Secretary. She enjoys watching documentaries and hanging out with her family and friends.

Kate  Ruiz

Kate Ruiz is a junior. During her free time, she enjoys documentaries and nonfiction reading. She likes overthinking the plots of every movie and show she comes across.

Andrew Ballan

Andrew Ballan is a freshman. In his freetime, he enjoys relaxing, playing video games, spending time with his dog, reading, and hanging out with his cousins and his family. He enjoys learning about useless information (so much so he owns several books on the matter), and is almost like a human fun fact dictionary. Like a kid, he does not tolerate brussel sprouts.

Sadhvi Aiyer

Sadhvi Aiyer is a junior. She enjoys reading, watching TV shows, and listening to music on her free time. Her favorite cartoons are Mulan and Big Hero 6.


Annaís Mendoza

This is Annaís Mendoza, a junior. She is involved with ASB and Band, where she plays the flute. Annaís also enjoys reading, doing arts and crafts, playing with her dog, and listening to her favorite artist girl in red.

Bertha Hutchinson

Bertha Hutchinson is a sophomore. She enjoys going to the movies, collecting comics, and acting. When she’s not busy you could probably find her shopping at the mall or hanging out at the beach.

Isabelle Monterroso

Isabelle is a junior. She likes to read, draw, and sleep during her free time. Aside from the Forum, she is apart of the Gahrs Girls Tennis Team and Gahr CSF club.

Chelsey Williams

Chelsey Williams is a junior. She was born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago and does not like to eat fish. Chelsey enjoys playing tennis, spending time with her friends and family, and listening to music.

Shaian Jordan

Shaian Jordan is in 9th grade. She was an Executive Producer and News Anchor for the Live in 5 News broadcast at Tetzlaff Middle School, where she also won a KTLA Choice Award for her weekly fashion segment called “Staying Fly with Shai." An entertainer at heart, Ms. Jordan is a Marching Gladiator who loves to play percussion in Gahr’s Marching Band and was recently granted her mainstream acting debut playing Little Re in National Geographic’s
upcoming limited series “Genius: Aretha”.

Joseph Mok

Joseph Mok is a freshman at GHS, and the Sports Editor for the Gahr Forum this
year. He enjoys outdoor activities and sports such as running cross country, playing
baseball, and rock climbing. He also often spends his free time practicing guitar, making
origami, and eating ice cream.

Aubrey Costa

Aubrey Costa has been writing for as long as I can remember and it’s one of her favorite things to do. From songs to poems to stories, writing has always been something to turn to when she wants to express herself. She loves everything music-related, especially musical theatre and playing instruments, so the Arts & Entertainment section is fitting for her interests. Spreading positivity and awareness is important to her and she hopes to do that on the Gahr Forum.

Salome Agbaroji

Salome Agbaroji is in 10th grade and serves as a staff writer on the Gahr Forum Art and Entertainment column. Also being President of her class, Salome carries a wide array of interests. She loves poetry and music, film, and entrepreneurship. Juggling is a hidden talent of her’s and she enjoys to use her voice to spread messages she believes in.

John Paul Talag

John Paul Talag is a sophomore at Gahr High School. He is a sports writer. He enjoys
following the NBA and playing basketball. John as well loves producing music and playing guitar in his free time. He secretly loves romantic comedy Korean Dramas.

Siva Pidikiti

Siva Pidikiti is a Junior and a Staff Writer for the Sports Section. He is a part of the basketball team and is involved in a couple of clubs in school. Siva loves to play basketball and video games. His favorite TV show is The Mandalorian.

Amraj Kaur

Amraj Kaur is a junior at Gahr High School. She is the layout designer for Gahr Forum. She
enjoys drawing, listening to music, dancing and learning new languages. She is also in ATA(Arts
Technology Academy). She is at present fluent in 4 languages english, punjabi, hindi and urdu. Sheis additionally learning spanish.

Nijad Makoon

Nijad is a junior at Gahr High School. He usually invests his time in school and extracurricular activities. On his days off, he enjoys watching Netflix and going out. After high school, Nijad hopes to pursue a career in journalism with the media.

Ella Sikma

That right there folks is Ella Sikma. Ella is in the tenth grade and one of the schools sports staff
writers. Ella is involved in many school activities and clubs. She is on the girls basketball team,
one of her class cabinet’s directors of activities, the school’s commissioner of athletics, a
principal honor roll student, and so much more! Even though she has a lot on her plate she still
finds time to hangout with her family and friends. One of her favorite things to do right now is to watch the tv show Survivor.

Natalie Gallardo

Natalie Gallardo is currently a junior and is a member of Gahr’s Color Guard. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and drawing, watching Netflix, and reading. She is also a dancer outside of school, specializing in Ballet Folklorico. She loves spending time with her family and friends and hopes to travel around the world someday.

Sydney Cauley

Sydney Cauley is a Senior at Gahr Highschool. She enjoys writing,drawing,and learning about
history. Sydney loves to read and garden in her spare time. She is involved in the arts program at her school and is Layout Editor on The Gahr Forum.

Brenna Frick 

Brenna is an 11th grader at Gahr High School. She is a part of the Entertainment Writer Staff of Gahr Forum. She loves spending time with her friends more than anything. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, reading, and baking. She loves music, with some of her favorite artists being Lana Del Rey, Rex Orange County, Tame Impala, and SZA. 

Francesca Perez

Francesca Perez is in the 11th grade. She is an Opinion Staff Writer to the Gahr Forum. One of her favorite things to do is spend time in nature. In her free time, Francesca also enjoys listening to music, cooking, and playing the flute. Her favorite food to cook is fettuccine alfredo. 

Byran Whitehead

Byran Whitehead is a senior at Gahr High School. He is also a delegate on behalf of Gahr MUN. Although he is constantly frustrated with the subject, he is a constant observer of United States politics and government affairs, whether it be commentating alongside the Libertarians of America social media account or participating in Christina Garcia’s Young Legislator Program. Besides politics, Byran keeps himself occupied with architectural and interior design, learning more about law, trying to finish his screenplay that most likely will not be completed, and his favorite TV shows, The Golden Girls and Frasier.

Sofia Mataoui 

Sofia Mataoui is a Junior, and this is her first year in the Gahr Forum as an Entertainment Staff Writer. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing the piano. She likes posting book reviews on her Instagram and writing short stories/poems during her free time, as well as riding her bike.

Gustavo Sanchez 

Gustavo is a  freshman who is in Class Cabinet and band. He loves to listen to Lana Del Rey and loves crystals. He enjoys meditating, journaling, and playing LDR 24/7

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