Isabelle Monterroso, Entertainment Editor 

May 26, 2021

The elevating Covid restrictions in California put people in shock to find out that Disneyland has already announced its opening date to the public. With our school year coming to an end, here are some things that you should know and be aware of when...

Sofia Mataoui, Entertainment Staff Writer

May 26, 2021

When words like “book'' or  “reading'' come to mind, the initial reaction might be to grimace. Many individuals wish they could indulge in a new book without growing bored or uninterested. Reading has become less and less prevalent in today’s society due...

Shaian Jordan, Entertainment Staff Writer

May 26, 2021

The Hype House, a house known for creators, has been putting out content since the end of  2019. If you claimed Tik Tok was all this group focused on, then you’re wrong. Content has skyrocketed tremendously since then with a following of over...

Isabelle Monterroso, Entertainment  Editor

April marks this year's National Arab Heritage Month. Contributing to their region's cultural development and advancements, artists have played a significant part in this evolution. Here are the top most influential Middle Eastern Artists in media, literature, art, and music. 

Salome Agbaroji,Entertainment Staff Writer

Poetry is and art that has shaped America greatly since its beginning. This influence has been pioneered by many talented and influential artists and pieces.This series will breakdown and trace the hearts of poetic influences in America.

Shaian Jordan, Entertainment Staff Writer

Happy Women’s History Month! This special is dedicated to all of the lovely ladies!  Read below to find out about a few queens of the music industry and how they influenced the genre.

Aubrey Costa, Entertainment Staff Writer

As the new semester begins, students are being put to the test to see who class has the most spirit. ASB has put together a point system that keeps track of student participation in activities,adding to the Spirit Cups overall total. 


Salome Agbaroji, Entertainment Staff Writer 

In past decades, rap culture has evolved greatly as it became more prevalent in mainstream media. From the most recent emergence of drill music, originating in London and being popularized by the late Pop Smoke...

Isabelle Monterroso,E

ntertainment Editor

The minecraft era is making a comeback.

Read all about it!

Sofia Mataoui, Entertainment Staff Writer

Enlightening books about race for every student and staff to read.

Brenna Frick, Entertainment Staff Writer

During these first couple months of 2021, readers have been taking a blast to the past and reading books that have been around for a while.

Shaian Jordan, Entertainment Staff Writer

Fans of the To All the Boys trilogy, “Forever and Always” is here, so get your popcorn ready! 

Brenna Frick, Entertainment Staff Writer

Gahr High School’s Theater Program allows students to express their creativity in fun ways to their peers.