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A Memorable Year Through A Book

  • February 17,2021 


The yearbook staff in class

The yearbook staff has been working hard to provide students with the best outline for the 2020-2021 school year. Creating the yearbook has been much different from the past due to the pandemic. Before, they were able to go up to students to take pictures and ask questions. Now, students are required to work on the yearbook through a website called Pictavo, in which they plan and formulate how the yearbook looks like inside by constructing a variety of questions to interview teachers and students. Along with Mr. Munson, the yearbook advisor, and the rest of the yearbook staff, Joe Chaides, is the yearbook representative who helps with the creation of the yearbook and it’s distribution. Most of the time, they will be able to work on their part during the class period and, if needed, outside of school.

Mr. Munson creates deadlines, and the student staff must meet these dates. However, since we are not on campus, it can be challenging to gather pictures from the individuals, screenshots of the meetings, or contact them. “Not everyone wants to take a picture of themselves, and you have to ask repetitively...but you’ll get it in the end,” affirms freshman Andrea Ocampo, Editor in Chief. Staff members have to reach out to them via email or through social media. students and teachers have other priorities and might not send in pictures. Once the information is collected, “putting [the information] it into place in the yearbook would be the easiest,” describes junior Index Editor, Parthiv Chhapawala. It is a process that requires time and dedication to make this yearbook. 

Many of us are missing out on fun rallies, dances, and activities that are planned every year by ASB. From previous looks inside of yearbooks, photos are placed from special moments to look back on through pages. Various feelings are remembered. Adrenaline rushing through for seniors, juniors are excited for their senior year, and sophomores and freshmen will continue to make their highschool careers unforgettable. “A lot of people missed out on this year and they want some memories even though it may not be what they were expecting” states Andrea Ocampo. The yearbook staff is positive this yearbook will come out great. 

The sentimental feelings that come with yearbooks will be there. Still, it will be different due to students and staff having to teach online. “It’ll be unique from all the other ones due to the school year being drastically different... If no one buys the yearbook or there [are] very little sales, I would be a bit disappointed, but I’d also know that I did everything I could to make it the best yearbook possible so it’s up to the person if they want to buy it or not,” said Parthiv Chapawala. 

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