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Why School Safety Precautions Are Not Enough

Audrey Choe

  • March 21, 2023

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Unfortunately, school shootings in America increase yearly. Guns have become increasingly more accessible and lethal. School shootings devastate families, friends, students, and teachers. Parents and students should not have to worry about their safety at school. School is supposed to be a safe place, not a place where students feel their safety is jeopardized. Action must be taken to increase the security of schools in America. 

On February 27th, Gahr High school was closed due to a gun violence-related incident that occurred near the campus.  Although the incident was unrelated to Gahr, the minimal information that was sent out to families caused several misconceptions about the incident. Many students believed that the incident involved a Gahr student or that the incident happened inside the campus. Even if the incident did not involve Gahr, violent events are becoming increasingly closer to the campus, and it is essential that safety measures are implemented. 

The following Tuesday, after the campus was closed, staff were located at every entrance to ensure only students entered the campus. To do so, staff checks the IDs of each student to allow them to enter. However, these ID checks are spontaneous and inconsistent. 

Firstly, school shootings are spontaneous; there is no certain way to know when they may occur. If ID checks are not consistently being conducted every day, it is possible that a harmful person or people may enter the campus. Secondly, most school shootings are initiated by students; ID checking cannot determine whether a student is carrying a lethal weapon. The biggest concern is how would staff identify if a student is carrying weapons. The only way to know if weapons are being brought onto campus is if bag checks are conducted or if a clear bag policy was enforced. 

More restrictions on guns must be enforced. School shootings are too frequent in America, which alarms several families. Guns are easily attainable, as the law only requires people to be the age of 18 years or older to purchase one. Additionally, if guns are not secured in safes, minors can easily get hold of the weapon. The accessibility of guns is what contributes to the increasing gun violence in America. 

No family should have to mourn the loss of a loved one because they attended a space that is meant to be safe and secure. America must hold itself accountable for enforcing more restrictions on guns. At this point, gun violence has become a national epidemic. It is unfortunate the violence that occurs in schools; more action must be taken for schools to be established as safe. 

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