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Construction of Tennis Court Is Almost Complete

A long awaited addition by our school’s Varsity Tennis Team, a new tennis court at Gahr is now under construction! With excitement bubbling up among the players, they are looking forward to competitive games and vigorous practices that are to take place on the court in coming years. 

But why the new court? These courts have been used for practices by the team for countless years, but have not been in very good condition. 

  • December 16, 2020

The old nets, inaccurate lining, and slippery pavement of the courts on campus were not only safety hazards for players, but were also unsuitable environments for tennis matches, failing to meet CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) standards fo competition. As a result, athletes were responsible for their own transportation to games during the season, which would take place at Liberty Park. 


“During [the] season, it was always a hassle going from school to liberty park, where we would have our home games,” said tennis athlete, Nandini Karmokar (11). “Seeing as the school did not provide transportation to the park, some students would have to get their own ride, or carpool with others, which often became complicated.” 

Having the new court will allow for home games against other schools to take place at Gahr, and create a safe and enjoyable place for tennis players to practice. 

The construction of this tennis court began last spring when students first started OLAH (Online Learning At Home), and it was all made possible by the work of Dr. Lois, our principal, our sports director, Mr. Marshall, and assistant principal Ms. Simko. "Mr. Marshall and Ms. Simko did the majority of this work, and they developed, along with the contractors… a modern and safe, and just a really good-looking tennis court for our students,” said Principal Dr. Lois. 

Our Sports Director and Assistant Principal worked with the ABC School District to secure the funding for this project. They approached the school’s financial department, maintenance and operation departments, found a contractor, worked with an architect, and after the long process of planning the construction, they were able to make the court into a reality. 

The tennis court is thought to be finished in 1-2 months, but while the cement continues to dry, the tennis team is hoping to begin using the new court soon. However, due to the uptake in COVID-19 cases, this may not be possible; and like many other sports at Gahr, there could also be no season for the tennis team this year.

Nevertheless, Varsity Tennis Captain, Leuaina Hunt, believes that in the coming years, the new court will help Tennis to become a greater part of Gahr - not only physically, but also socially. 

“I believe now that tennis courts will be on campus and students will be seen playing, it will interest potential players to join the sport, increase school spirit, and become an outlet for students to have access to,” she said. 

Once athletes begin practicing together more, hopefully, the new tennis court can finally be put to use by the team, and help make Gahr an even more connected school.

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