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  • November 6, 2022

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With the successful reign of a rather spooky homecoming dance behind us, student spirits are high, and ASB is reaping the success. Gahr’s enthusiasm for the event, demonstrated by students’ participation in spirit week themes and lunch rallies, shows why it is essential for Gahr to throw the homecoming dance every year!! Alas, the dance could not have been thrown without the dedication of our Associated Student Body. 

Even with Gahr’s homecoming falling in October every year, there had not been a Halloween themed one in a while. Behind the scenes, there were a ton of theme pitches to choose from before settling on “Haunted Homecoming,” like Neverland, Spiderman: Homecoming, Hollywood Glam, and more, but the challenge of having a dance where everyone could feel included persisted. In debates on whether homecoming should be formal or casual, ASB advisor Mr. Velez stated, " The combination of a casual policy and such a thrilling theme brought along some new, chilling rules. Students were allowed to don their Halloween costumes to the dance, or come in any attire, from a sweeping gown to a t-shirt and jeans, as long as they abided by the dress code rules. 

The setup of the dance was an elaborate affair with blood-filled balloons, 12-foot electronics, and a dance box that got smashed into smithereens due to the Gladiators’ enthusiasm on the dance floor! All throughout September and October, the court, rally, and dance committee worked tirelessly to ensure that Gahr felt spooked all homecoming week long. Every day of the week, Director of Publicity Sophia Marie Manansala threw successful rallies that kept spirits high and Gladiators moving, from a Student vs Teacher 

Danceoff to a pie-eating contest. Court ensured the sashing of our homecoming royalty, “Latha Jompholparkdy and Sophia Puma Abreau,” who received their proper spotlight and accolades.

 On the morning of October 28th, Dance committee heads Veronica De La Torre & Leilani Choe delegated a group of over 30 ASBians the task of setting up lights, tables, and chairs, creating centerpieces, blowing up balloons, and hanging up backdrops. Choe describes the task as “immensely pressurizing but that organization was the key.” In a little over 12 hours, the west quad of Gahr High School was transformed into an immersive, haunting environment. Taking a combination of ideas presented on a whiteboard at the ASB retreat, the quad was split into three sectors that catered to the Gahr student population. For those wishing to get their “freak on” all night long to good music, there was the dance floor, and Halloween Town was a spot tucked away in a corner for students to cool down with a soda and cookie as a break from all the dancing. Finally, when Gladiators 


wanted to entertain themselves with easy competition, there was “Tim Burton Wonderland,” an escape from the spooks, and a corner where students could play fun games like bowling, Jenga, and bean bag toss. 

The dance itself  saw a major success with over 600 tickets sold, but the most important part was the resilient spirit shown in ASB that was able to resonate with the student body. Without them and their hard work, there would have been no homecoming. With their help, Gahr can look forward to many more homecoming themes, events, and dances that will leave students coming back for more. 


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