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A Stage of Opportunities! What’s Next for the Theater Department?

     During the 2022 - 2023 school year, Gahr High School has been facing a lot of construction around campus, and the theater department has been no exception! After more than 3 decades, the stage, theater, and band rooms are now being renovated. This project has been met with anticipation and optimism from both students and staff alike. The theater department is vastly under looked and with the support from district officials and Cerritos residents, all modernizations will support talented students even further. 
     All over campus, theater students and students uninvolved with the program were interviewed about their feelings and thoughts about the renovations. Multiple students expressed their excitement for these plans and while their passion is not limited to the size of a stage, any modernizations are met with enthusiasm. Theater student and avid participant in Gahr's productions, senior Zoe Malabicky expresses her sadness about not having the stage any longer. On the other hand, she is very excited to see what the renovations will bring for future generations of students. Likewise, senior Sameer Iyer relays his hopes about the impact the renovations will have. While not a part of the theater department, he believes that the renovations will be beneficial not only for the theater department but for the school as a whole.
    Head of the theater department and teacher of the Theater, Stagecraft, and voice classes, Mrs. Morris, has taken these changes in stride and has expressed her optimism and gratitude towards the decision to renovate the stage. After the musical Descendents, which was widely considered an energetic success, there will be no more productions on the stage we all know and love. However, there is still hope for future productions despite being temporarily relocated to a smaller classroom and void of the facilities necessary. When asked about future productions and the newfound challenges the construction makes, Mrs. Morris states with confidence, “However, despite the facility Gahr theater arts program has generated award winning actors, comedians, singers, song- writers and dancers. No one’s giftedness is contained by a building nor should it ever be.” The resilience of the theater department is something to be admired and the phrase "the show must go on" has never been truer. 

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