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Freshman Prospect

The ding of the ball popping off the bat: with less than three seconds to react, keeping cool and knowing what to do is what makes one shine. Knowing what to do is important, but knowing when to apply this knowledge in game situations sets one apart. A phone call promising the next four years after high school to continue chasing his dream was the phone call that changed Andres's career. 

Andres Gonzalez is a freshman at Gahr High School who has already committed to continue playing baseball at USC, otherwise known as the University of Southern California. Gonzales has been playing baseball since he was seven years old; at that age, he faced an ultimatum on picking soccer or baseball. He stated, “Something came to me that I wanted to play [baseball].” This choice would lead him to the present day and allow him to continue to fall deeper in love with the sport. 

To commit is an award all on its own, but to do so so early on in his career is truly outstanding! Gonzalez made his verbal commitment on April 20th, 2022 after his travel ball coach recommended him going to a baseball camp that was meant for juniors and seniors.

He has been playing with the California Baseball Association (his travel team) for two summers now. This travel team has not only helped him to get recognized and committed, but has also allowed him to travel to play in places such as Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Nashville, and Utah. 

Riddled with self-doubt, Andres grew and learned to have confidence in his ability. Moreover, he learned the importance of playing for himself. 

When asked about his favorite MLB team, he responded with, “Keeping it local… so the Angels.” He admires Roberto Clemente as a figure that inspired him and his family. Clemente even inspired him to wear number 21 until recently, when he chose to wear number 3.


Andres primarily plays shortstop and secondary 3rd baseman - two of the most active spots on the field - which require not only skilled, but also quick players. He enjoys playing shortstop as he feels that “it fit[s] me and my play style.”

When he committed, he was understandably very proud and happy to be able to attend the same university his mother also attended. One of his biggest supporters, his grandmother, would tell him, “do what you do, you’re the best athlete there is.” He also believes he is very blessed to have all the people he has in support of him such as his parents and siblings. 

Results like these do not just turn up out of the blue, you need to put in the hard work for it. This is what the Gahr baseball program does. Just like every other young man part of this amazing Division 2 program, Andres has put in countless hours from 6:45 to 8 AM multiple times a week and then an additional few hours after every school day from 2:15 to 5:30 every weekday. This time does not even include the games they have on the weekdays and weekends!  In his few moments of downtime, Andres enjoys catching up on some well-deserved sleep. 

“ I love [to] sleep…be with my family, [especially] my sister,” was his comment on what he does in his free time. 

He has only been with Gahr’s amazing, 80-man, Division 2 baseball program for only three months yet he already loves the team and feels the team is like a family! Just like in a family, siblings always have each others’ backs. He says, “it's like a younger brother situation… They look out for me and teach me the ways.” His senior teammate Adam Ortiz stated, “He’s going to do great at USC when he graduates…even though he just came in as a freshman we already have that [family-like] bond. He's a really good player and person.” 

He expressed his overall gratitude for his coaches, family, and friends for helping him get to where he is now. He is grateful for that support and love he has received, as well as his parents always pushing him to be the best he can be. 

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