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The ‘Gahr-bage’ Scandal

  • November 7, 2022

The ‘Gahr-bage’ scandal was a spirit tradition created by Cerritos High School over thirty years ago, sparking the hostile relationship between Cerritos and Gahr High School. The spirit tradition is hosted by Cerritos High School ASB for every Cerritos vs. Gahr football game. Cerritos High School’s ASB started their ‘Gahr-bage’ spirit tradition with a rally that involved decorating their gym and school campus in trash to mock Gahr. In addition, Cerritos High School cheerleaders would dress inappropriately and provocatively to negatively stereotype Gahr cheerleaders. This year, Cerritos High School ASB hosted a spirit week dedicated to the Cerritos vs. Gahr football game called ‘Jugweek.’ On the 

Cerritos High School ASB Instagram, a graphic was posted to publicize their ‘Take Out The Trash’ relay game.


Time and time again, Cerritos High School has shown their lack of morale. Associated Student Bodies are expected to be spirited and respectful. However, this spirit tradition is anything but respectful. By hosting this event, Cerritos ASB influences their student body to be disrespectful and aggressive towards Gahr students. According to spectators, Cerritos football players played foul, and initiated a fight during the game by spewing disrespectful comments. 

In contrast, Gahr High School has shown great respect and spirit. Gahr High School’s spirit tradition for ‘Jugweek’ is Cheerios. The spirit tradition has students wear Cheerios attire. Cheerios is Gahr’s nickname for Cerritos High School. The Cheerios spirit day is lighthearted and innocent and is not meant to be offensive. Gahr High School’s ASB advisor, Justin Velez, has prohibited any spirit events or activities that may offend or create conflict with Cerritos High School. In fact, Mr. Velez canceled the Cheerios themed student section for students to remain respectful and safe during the football game. Spirit Coordinator of ASB, Amber Perez, states that Cerritos’ actions are unjustified and unfair. Gahr has been respectful towards Cerritos High School, and it is unjust how Cerritos has continued this hateful tradition for so long. 

Fortunately, Principal Jeffrey Hernandez took notice of Cerritos High School’s problematic and offensive behavior. Principal Jeffrey Hernandez contacted Cerritos High School’s Principal and ASB advisor to put an end to this tradition. Currently, Cerritos High School is now prohibited from continuing their ‘Gahr-bage’ tradition, while Gahr High School is able to continue the Cheerios tradition. Ending this tradition will ensure a safer and respectful interaction between Gahr and Cerritos High School. 

Cerritos High School’s behavior is immoral, wrong, and shameful. It is staggering how their ASB could promote such disrespect and insensitivity  for over thirty years. Cerritos’ actions are unjustified considering how Gahr High School has remained respectful during the entirety of the scandal. Thankfully, Principal Jeffery Hernandez has put a stop to the ‘Gahr-bage’ tradition. Moving forward, Cerritos is unable to continue any derogatory spirit events targeted towards Gahr High School. 

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