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First Ever Mid-Cities League Champs

  • November 9. 2022

Congratulations are in order for our school’s newest and most recent league champions, Gahr Football! After a 47 year drought, the Gladiators are finally at the top as the well-deserved, first ever, Mid-Cities League Champions!

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After a tough start to the season, the gladiators were able to play at the level they needed by ending the season 3-7. Despite the rough looking stats, the team did a fantastic job when it mattered. 
The team got its first-ever win of the season on Friday, October 14th, Senior Night, against the Firebaugh Falcons. The game was special for many reasons- one big reason being that this was the first-ever varsity game played at Rants Stadium after the new turf field was installed! making the atmosphere one to never forget, thanks to many students and families coming to show their support. 

Two students in particular, Samir Oli and Jacob Guitierrez, ran with the “Gladiator Spirit” flag, getting the whole stand hyped for the game. Another reason was due to the new tradition that the 2023 senior boys started, where each senior football player picked a staff member on campus who has been influential in their lives and during their time at Gahr. The tradition honors and thanks the staff members that each player picked by wearing their jersey to school on the Friday of Senior Night to help celebrate Senior Night! That night, the team played their best game ever, shutting out the Falcons with a final score of  48-0 Gahr. 

The previous week was only the beginning for this team. The next Friday night, on Norwalk’s Senior Night, the team kept their energy up and gave Norwalk High a taste of their own medicine! By killing off 5:07 of the clock as senior captain and quarterback for that week’s game, Tyvon McGirt completed his first three passes, including a six-yard touchdown pass to junior captain Noah Taylor! Silencing the once very rowdy Norwalk Lancers stands. This shocking take down from the Gahr Gladiator’s left everyone on Norwalk’s side stunned with the end outcome as 26-6 Gahr.

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After those two wins, the team was more than ready for their homecoming game against the Lynwood Knights. The week of the game was great thanks to people like our school’s Commissioner of Spirit, Amber Perez-Saavedra. Thanks to this incredible young lady, the school had five amazing spirit days to get the whole school excited for the homecoming game. On the day of the game, our school had a lunch rally, including Gahr’s stomp team, cheerleaders, and varsity football. This was just another advantage in the team’s favor. That night, these boys played one heck of a game. The final score being 31-8 Gahr. 


All in all, congratulations are well in order for our school’s football team. Congratulations to everyone on the team - from the players, coaches, team moms, water boys, and everyone else who helped the team along the way. Congratulations to all!!!

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