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Disneyland Has Canceled Its Annual Passport System

  • February 17,2021 

Andrew Ballan

Disneyland Resort has canceled its "annual pass" system and has replaced it with a new "membership" system. That's right. And some who disagree may be asking, "Why?" According to the Disneyland Resort President, it's because of the restrictions going on throughout California and how the pandemic has hurt the classic theme park and their products and services, which include the Annual Passport.


Photo obtained from Disneyland

What will exactly replace the old passport system? A new "membership" system is all that's known at the moment, that will "...utilize consumer insights to deliver choice, flexibility, and value for our biggest fans." The former was a statement from the official Disneyland Resort website.

2021-02-17 (2).png

Many pass holders canceled their passes when COVID-19 hit, but only the committed fans held on, waiting for the park to reopen. The negative effect of this is that it caused many of those devoted fans to have strong emotional opinions on the matter and vent on the subject on social media platforms. 

One fan complained on Twitter, "i am HEARTBROKEN about Disneyland canceling annual passes. ???? (i mean, who knows when they'll reopen & i wasn't planning on going to Disneyland during the pandemic) i can't afford to go to Disneyland 1-3x a month without my pass, so this sucks ????"

However, a small majority of Disneyland goers supported the cancellation of the Annual Passport program. Another Twitter user commented, "Ok, the reason it's good they discontinued it is it was detrimental to the experience of out-of-town tourists who would come once in their life and have trouble experiencing anything because they were competing with large crowds of people who came every single day" (Jenny Nicholson [JennyENicholson]).

For any Annual Passholder who had bought their pass as of March 14, 2020 (the date of Disneyland Resort's shutdown due to COVID-19), you have until February 25 to take advantage of your 30% discount on merchandise at select locations in the Downtown Disney District or Buena Vista Street. To read more on this, visit their update on resort operations on their website.

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