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District Introduces New Hybrid Model

  • December 17,2020

The ABC Unified School District held a Board Meeting via Zoom on November 4th, 2020, discussing the formation of the new Hybrid Model. The model is an alternative to virtual learning--a chance for students and staff to get back into schools with significant precautions.


The district has created two options within the model, and in both, students will be separated into two groups/cohorts. On Monday and Tuesday, Cohort A will be present; on Thursday and Friday, Cohort B. 


In Option #1, students will attend school in person on their assigned Cohort days and learn asynchronously for the remainder of the week. Students in the 2 Day Hybrid Program in Option #1 are more likely to have different teachers, classes, and classmates. In situations where only one teacher teaches the specific subject, it might consequently change a students' access to the courses.



In Option #2, students will attend school in person on their assigned Cohort days, continue to learn asynchronously on Wednesday, and connect for the remainder of the week via Google Classroom or Zoom. This option will also allow students to remain at their current school, gain full access to all courses and programs, keep their same teachers and school schedules. Activities director, Mr. Velez says, "I feel like seriously considering various hybrid models is a bit premature at this time. I realize that we have to have a plan in place if and when we open our doors for in-person instruction.  However, in my own personal opinion, I don't think it likely that we can meet the Covid levels necessary for the governor to lift the restrictions on our schools any time soon. The numbers of infections seem to be going in the wrong direction at the moment."


In a recent survey taken by the district, 82% of parents and students were satisfied with the virtual academy. 


"My main focus is that my students receive a valuable & equitable experience, regardless of the setting," Social Science teacher Mr. Garcia said. "If a hybrid model is implemented, I worry we'll be in another precarious position of reacclimating the GHS family to new procedures & norms that will undoubtedly present new challenges to an already turbulent year...I want to go back, so badly; I sincerely miss my students and the entire GHS community. I mean, how badly do we need a Mr. Munson v. Mr. Leo dance battle right now? Ultimately, we should make decisions that ensure the GHS family can interact, learn, & grow with one another in a physically & mentally healthy environment.

Safely reopening schools has been the district's goal for the past month, but the rise of Covid-19 cases make it unclear when the LA County's Department of Public Health will grant approval. The district cannot enable this model but hopes to as Pfizer's vaccine is realized.


"School will look different," says Dr. Lois, The Principal of Gahr High School, "but I hope we can have our students back on campus and learn in person as soon as possible."

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