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Celebrating Black History Month With Books

  • February 28,2021 

Black History Month is a time of awareness and reflection about the struggle for black equality and freedom. During Black History Month, it is imperative to support black businesses, donate to black organizations, educate ourselves on black history and culture, and support black authors. There are many remarkable books that remarkably portray black history, strength, beauty, and culture. 


Pride, by Ibi Zoboi.​

Pride, a contemporary novel about gentrification, race, young love, and cultural identity is an awe-inspiring retelling of Jane Austen’s classic bestseller, Pride and Prejudice. Ibi Zoboi’s magniloquent story, consisting of a completely diverse cast, is about a teenage girl who is vastly prideful when it comes to her neighborhood, Afro-latino roots, and family. As her rapidly gentrifying neighborhood slowly becomes unrecognizable, the affluent Darcy family moves into the house next door. When Zuri sprouts a loathing for their two teenage sons, her sister starts to develop a liking for one of them, Ainsley. Unexpectedly, Zuri and the other son, Darius, are forced to come to a mutuality and understanding. But with the chaos of Zuri’s four lively sisters and college applications constantly keeping her in a state of distress, she finds it hard to remain calm and content in her rapidly changing environment. 



On the Come Up, by Angie Thomas

Based on a true story, Angie Thomas’ powerfully evocative story, takes the reader on a momentous journey alongside Bri, a sixteen-year-old girl who aspires to become an exceptional rapper. Initially, Bri struggles to acquire recognition when she’s considered the impoverished outlaw of her school. Using her anger and frustration, she pours it into her very first song, which goes viral for the wrong reason. She soon finds herself in the midst of a dissension, which results in her being illustrated as a peril by the media. With her family hovering dangerously close to getting evicted, Bri has no choice but to take advantage of her wrongfully acquired spotlight, and to utilize it to help her advance in the music industry to help her family.



Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor

The poignant novel published in 1967 by Mildred D. Taylor demonstrates the hardships of African Americans in the South of Mississippi during the 1930s through the point of view of Cassie Logan, a nine year old girl who’s family struggles to perpetuate their independence and pride when facing social injustice and racism. Albeit Cassie’s family owns land of their own, they are still mistreated by others. This is an emotive story of an African American family whose strength and land encouraged them to withstand racism in the South while portraying black pride, independence, and love is truly indelible.

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