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Art Bliss in 2D Form

  • March 17, 2021 

Art has been a staple in society for centuries and can be used to convey messages and express emotions. Some people like to create art while others enjoy viewing or collecting art pieces. Both scenarios where people are involved with art can be beneficial to their own mental well-being. 

People can benefit from creating art by being able to express themselves. 


Photo obtained from Art and Cake. Cerritos College Art Gallery located in Cerritos, California 

Since every art piece is different, it provides a special way for artists to speak their minds. If they have an idea, they will put it out into the world. Whatever medium the artist may choose, they will convey their message and show a bit of their creativity and individuality. ATA student Devin Silva says, “I think art benefits me in the fact that I’m able to put ideas out onto a page since I constantly get new ones.” Through their work, artists can create their own unique manifestations of their ideas, which is a beautiful thing because they use their creativity to make aesthetically pleasing pieces. Devin also says that the result of his work makes him happy because he uses his own ideas and efforts to make creative drawings. 

In addition, people can benefit from observing art because it can act as a relatable outlet for their emotions. The more someone sees and enjoys art, the more they can relate to it. Dr. Castro, an art teacher at Gahr, talks about how students seeing other works of art can be beneficial to them. He states, “When viewing works of art created by others, a greater appreciation is gained from this observational experience, which inevitably increases the students' artistic awareness and perceptive understanding.” Looking at art can inspire people to try something new or to start creating their own works of art because it can show them how to express their feelings through doing so. Also, as Dr. Castro said, viewing art can expand people’s artistic abilities. This is beneficial because it can help people create their own drawings, paintings, and other works of art, leaving them satisfied with the result and feelings that go along with it. 

If you have ideas you would like to express, go out and create some art. It may give you an opportunity to make your individuality shine. On the other hand, if you would rather see some mesmerizing works of art, you can look online for some, ask friends who are artists, or art galleries when they reopen. It can serve as an outlet for you. All in all, art is truly beneficial because it can help people express themselves. 

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