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Film-Making During a Pandemic

  • January 6, 2021

Students in Gahr’s Blue and Gold Productions film class have been faced with the struggle of creating their projects through virtual learning. In this interview, Aubrey Costa spoke with two students, Joyce Chung and Ashley Henan, about their experience with this and how they feel about the new changes.

Aubrey Costa (Interviewer): So, my first question is: What was your initial reaction to having to create films through virtual learning, instead of in person? I know it’s a lot more different than it would be in person for you, so how did you feel when you first heard that, and how do you feel about the change in general?


Joyce Chung: I was a bit hesitant at first, but with this change, I was able to work through different challenges that came along when making a film.


Aubrey Costa: Yeah, that’s good. There are always new challenges we have to overcome, and they can actually help you in the future, so I totally agree with that. Ashley, what’s something that was challenging for you, and may even still be challenging for you now, when it comes to making these projects from home?


Ashley Henan: The hardest thing, actually, was just coming up with a story because when we’re limited to locations and actors, it’s really hard to come up with a good story.


Aubrey Costa: Yeah, I totally understand that. Especially, because you’re not in-person, so you can’t communicate as easily. Joyce, what’s something you enjoy about working from home?


Joyce Chung: Something that I enjoy about working from home is having the flexibility to manage my film schedule. 


Aubrey Costa: Ashley, how has the process of creating one of these films changed? I know you’re a freshman, so you probably don’t have as much experience as Joyce, who’s been doing this longer, but how is it different from other things like this you’ve done in the past?


Ashley Henan: I’ve actually never made a film before this. This is my first experience with it.


Aubrey Costa: Oh, okay. Well, was it different than you expected?


Ashley Henan: No, because there wasn’t really a change, so this is the only process I know.


Aubrey Costa: Oh, that’s true. How about you, Joyce? Is it any different?


Joyce Chung: This is actually my first time taking a film class, so the process of creating one of my films changed a lot due to the current regulations, and I’m limited with the actors I can use in my film, but I’m very grateful to have family around that are willing to participate and take part in my film-making process.


Aubrey Costa: Alright, so regarding your last project for Thanksgiving called ‘Thankfulness,’ what inspired you guys to create it, and how did you go about doing that?


Joyce Chung: For me, I think it’s very important to be thankful for your family, especially during these unprecedented times, so for the ‘Thankfulness’ film, I was inspired by my mom and portrayed how she played a vital role in my life, shaping me into the person I am today.


Aubrey Costa: Aw, that’s beautiful. I love that. Ashley, what’s something that keeps you motivated and inspired to keep creating these videos with your classmates?


Ashley Henan: Well, It really depends on how much I like my story. If I’m proud of my story and I’m proud of what I filmed and edited, it gets me really excited.


Aubrey Costa: Joyce, what has been your favorite part about creating these films?


Joyce Chung: Personally, my favorite part about creating the films is seeing the end product, knowing all my hard work paid off, and it’s like very fulfilling and rewarding.


Aubrey Costa: Do either of you have any ideas for future films you’d want to make?


Joyce Chung: In the near future, I would like to film a short movie highlighting the positive aspects of 2020, because, for many people, it’s been a year of unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19 and distance learning, so I think highlighting the positive aspects would be very beneficial.


Aubrey Costa: And, last question, do you have any hopes or goals for the upcoming semester with Blue and Gold Productions?


Joyce Chung: Some goals that I have in mind are to create more micro-films to hone our skills as filmmakers.


Aubrey Costa: What about you, Ashley?


Ashley Henan: I just want to actually get back to school, even if it’s just for a little bit, so while we’re filming something, we can get feedback on what we’re filming before we edit it, so we know that it’s good.


Aubrey Costa: Yeah, definitely. Well, that’s all the questions I have for you. Thank you guys so much for doing this with me. I will definitely include all of your responses in my article, and I really appreciate your time. Thank you so much!

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