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From Online to Hybrid

  • May 26,2021 

This school year has been one like no other, from starting online with technical difficulties to staying safe from the virus and moving into hybrid in-person learning as the vaccines become available. When hybrid became an option, most people opted to continue online; however, some did decide to attend in-person classes. So, how are Gahr students and teachers enjoying hybrid?


Students enrolled in hybrid school in Mr. Munson's classroom on Tuesday, May 25

When asked the question if they are learning more through hybrid or online, Mateo DeLa Torre, a junior at Gahr, explained that “I do believe that I am learning more in hybrid because when I was online, I was scared to raise my hand because I was embarrassed, but now that I’m at school it’s easier because my teachers are right in front of me.”

Students find it easier to pay attention in class without the distractions that occupied their thoughts when they were at home. It was a huge adjustment for both students and teachers, leaving everyone in uncharted territory.

According to Gahr Band Director Mr. Loney, “Overall things have been going very well, it’s taken a good period of time to adjust to the new schedule, especially juggling the online kids versus the in-person kids. However, it is nice for music especially to hear each other play and be able to give helpful feedback to the students instead of just trying to gaige it all based off of the weekly video assignments.” It has been a challenge for the band and sports to gain the most improvement without unmuting or completely showing their technique for the instructors. Now, as the band works towards an in-person concert, with some students coming in person for school and even more coming into the optional seventh-period in-person class, according to Mr. Loney, “Things are looking very promising.”

Are students learning more online or through the hybrid model? Gahr's Head of English Language Department Ms. Bear mentioned, “I have students who have flourished both ways. Things have been so hard since last March, but the big thing I have re-learned in all of this is that every student is so different in what works best for them. I have students who feel more successful online, but I also have students who feel more successful in-person.”

Over the past few weeks of hybrid learning, some things have worked, and some things have failed miserably. Teachers have been very flexible with trying to compensate for both the in-person and hybrid, juggling the technology issues and the distractions in person. Through it, all the students know that the teachers are doing their best to strive for academic excellence at Gahr and are dedicated to helping each student achieve greatness. Whether you are learning online or through hybrid, schooling during a pandemic is tough, and everyone is doing their best to finish this school year off right.

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