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“Darkness, Grief, and Unspeakable Sorrow!”: ABC District Musical’s The Addams Family

  • February 12, 2023


It’s musical season! This winter, the ABC District Musical program produced the macabre musical, The Addams Family.  This program was started by Jodi Improta, a previous director at Whitney High School, and is now continued by Ariel Improta, choreographer and theater teacher at Whitney High School, John Zamora, director and theater teacher at Cerritos High School, and Aaron Al-Imam, the vocal director. This program serves as a way to connect theater students throughout the district and encourage friendships through one big performance. Students from Whitney, Cerritos, Gahr, and Artesia worked hard to put on a stellar show and they did not disappoint. The Addams Family is a dark comedic musical where morose daughter Wednesday falls in love with someone “normal.” Both families try to get along and chaos ensues, prompting the question, will love bring together these families despite their differences?

With an inside look at the production, multiple cast members were asked about their experience. Clementine Jepsen, playing the silly ball of hair Cousin It, exclaims that being a part of The Addams Family was an “enjoyable, social, and exciting experience.” He expresses that everyone in the cast is so talented and worked hard to put on a fun and exciting show. Cast members Ignaly Von and Jacob Semira play some of the many Addams family ancestors and state that “When Your an Addams” is their favorite song and dance number of the musical. 

This musical brought in a massive audience and was a huge success, various audience members were interviewed about their thoughts and opinions about the show. Lyz Redoblado, a theater student and enjoyer was extremely excited and went in with super high expectations for the show. They knew a lot of talented and hardworking people in the show and in the end the musical surpassed their expectations and was even better than they thought it would be. Some of the favorite song or dance numbers the audience had were “The Moon and Me,” “Waiting,” and 

“Tango de Amor.” Overall, the audience agreed that everything from the choreography to the costumes was amazing. 

Every year, the ABC District Musical gets bigger and better and is one of the most looked forward to musicals of the year. With hilarious comedic timing, magnificent costumes, grand set pieces, eye-catching choreography, and harmonious vocals, The Addams Family musical was a striking performance. Leaving all of us wanting for more and waiting in anticipation for next year’s performance. 


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