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The Santas Are Not in Town

          Leon Mateo

  • February 13, 2024

In our realm of reality, Santa Claus remains nothing but a figment of our imagination that continues to provide joy across the globe. No one would slide down your chimney, sneakily put presents under the christmas tree, and put your name on a naughty or nice list for next Christmas, for Santa does not exist. 


Though Santa bestows delight and vibrant colors to the minds of children, it sets an unrealistic expectation that they will receive anything they want for Christmas if they are good. But it does give them a memory that they will reminiscence upon once in a while. Even though the facade of Santa was unveiled to me at a young age, my personal Santas with an S made my Christmas enchantingly wonderful. 


My Santas provided me with the gifts not listed on my wishlist. Like being there for comfort during hard times and providing serenity even in my sleep. The merrymakers, miracle givers, and my one call away. 


Being an international student, it's my first time spending my Christmas thousands of miles away from my family. The noise from the Christmas carols and songs will never be enough to silence the echoes from my heart screaming out for family.


Dear Santas, do you hear me from thousands of miles away? For my Christmas next year I sincerely wish to be with you. For to be with you all and spend Christmas with me would be unremarkably filled with delight and joy. I know that you’d buy me a garden when I wished for a flower but being here in another country without your presence brings me anguish and despair. I’m still clinging to the idea of being with you all in the near future.

Other than the delicious meals, gifts under the tree, and the ambiance that Christmas brings every year, the true gift is the harmony and unity it provides. Christmas organizes a reunion between lonely, jolly, and even vexed hearts under its warm embrace for it is the spirit of Christmas.


Amidst the noise of culinary instruments clattering on the table, and gossip from different people, there’s a kid with a silent ache longing for a familiar presence, with a heart enclosed in nostalgic memories. Because during a Christmas day, a family’s absence would be present the whole time. 

Because the Santas are not coming to town. 

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